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10 Best Ninja Games 2023

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Whether you’re a fan of the classic Naruto series or are looking for something a bit more challenging, these top 10 ninja games will have you slicing, jumping, and stealing your way to victory. So, sharpen your blades and get ready to take on these thrilling ninja games!

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I am really sorry I didn’t include your favorite game 🙏. Feel free to comment your favorite games.
If you don’t like this game list, don’t get mad and make nasty comments because this is my own game list, so you shouldn’t mind. I like these games so I add them to my video.
I hope you find the best games to your taste.

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0:00 introduction
0:16 Nioh Series
0:36 Ghost of Tsushima
0:59 Ghostrunner
1:19 Shadow Tactics Blades of the Shogun
1:44 Sekiro Shadows Die Twice
2:05 Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker
2:31 Katana Zero
2:51 Cyber Shadow
3:10 Ninja Soul
3:31 Mark of the Ninja

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  1. Tenchu and Shinobido were the best stealth shinobi titles, back to their days imho.

  2. Straight to the point real interesting info no bs waist of time. You should have 100M subs I'm one now and hope you keep making such a valuable time content.

  3. Tenchu was the best, these here are trash.

  4. I sincerely disagree with this list. I also disagree with the censorship of the comments. It also appears that the voice is ai generated. I disagree with that as well. The last 3 games are valid…along with Sekiro.

  5. This list is a joke. No Tenchu? C'mon son. That's THE NINJA GAME

  6. Shinobi for the Sega Genesis was my favorite as a kid..

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