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10 Best Ninja Games That Will Test Your Agility

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Ninjas are a big part of pop culture, with a myriad of movies, animations and video games that place them in the center of the action. Lots of ninja-centric gaming titles have been released and while some of them managed to become influential and iconic, others didn’t have enough kick. In our Top 10 Ninja Games list we tried to include the best of the best that followed this theme. We chose games that have good technique, a good story, an entertaining gameplay, and a pleasant visual design. You’ll find that we’ve included classical ninja titles, as well as some that are more recent, so hopefully everyone can feel that charming thrill of being a covert mercenary in feudal Japan.


  1. If someone is a really ninja/samurai fan from how the japanese fiction pictures it, then let me tell you Acquire it's the only company who really knew how to make videogames based on that.
    All way of the samurai games
    the first Tenchu games

  2. can anybody help me, i am looking for a game i played as kid. you played a ninja, you could sneak up to enemies and kille them in diffrent ways/ sword/stars, you had some kind of bombs, could throw stars also knives. walke over roofs/ had some kind old japan look/ and may look no super beautiful know but was oke for its time. i thing some where between 1992- 2000? but later is also possilble. anybody a idea what the game is called. i am bit guesing i might be stealth assasin but some things seem diffrent then what i rember from the game i am looking for althought some thing from the layout seem to match. any tip would be walcome, have a nice day. 😉

  3. Shinobido i want u back, but Aragami was great too, and the new AddOn is great too 😀

  4. i have a question for anyone who can answer, i am trying to find an older game that i played when i was young and it was on one of those game websites that were popular back then, it was about a samurai and he was small in stature and fought evil mushrooms and other such things it was a side scroller and had good graphics other than that i do not remember the name and it was animated but not anime style i remember good music and it was calming if you know this game please let me know its driving me nuts

  5. What about shinobi ps2 game ? That game is also a ninja game.

  6. u should ave said dishonerd even tho its technically not a ninja game it has all i want in one

  7. The Real Ninja Top 10

    10. Mark of the Ninja
    9. Tenchu 1
    8. Shinobi 3 (Genesis)
    7. Hagakure (SNES)
    6. Strider (PS2)
    5. Nightshade
    4. I-Ninja
    3. Shinobi (PS2)
    2. Ninja Gaiden (Xbox)
    1. Tenchu Wrath of Heaven
    Honorable Mentions:
    Tenchu Fatal Shadows
    Ninja Gaiden 1,2, and 3 (NES)
    Bad Dudes (NES)
    House of Dead Ninja (Adult Swim)

    Why is Tenchu in this list so much? Because when you have provided so damn much to stealth games as this franchise has. You don't place it anywhere else. As for Wrath of Heaven?

    The level of detail that each stealth kill. The amount of tactics that can be employed to get your objective done. The fact that as of my knowledge, this game was the first to allow a player to cling to a ceiling in a stealth game and it not be a glitch. And don't forget the items. Mines, poison rice, blow darts, hell even the ninpo type things like the fire wave and invisibility (though other than the demon tower i never used these).

    Oh and is A-yah-may Rikimaru says her name multiple times in Wrath…..lol

  8. hey world, its 2018 and there is no REAL Ninja game….

  9. we need a game that defines the word NINJA, mixing spider man's skills and splinter cell franchise stealth, we really need a good Ninja game. i wish i play one before I die..

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    Ninja Games – Ninja Shuriken Throw game that very easy simple tapping game to develop for users of for all ages. Throw shuriken at the spinning circle target without hitting another shuriken. Play ninja star games to improve your accuracy and make sure throw the shuriken in perfect time on the circle as it twists whole time and any direction. When you clear more levels the one or more spinning circle target and whole circle twists on different direction. Accept this challenge beat the score.


  11. Tenchu shadow assassins on the psp is the closest "ninja" game ever. Next would be mark of the ninja

  12. This guys pronunciation is so cringe inducing

  13. Glad to see Shinobido get some shine. That game is criminally underappreciated and deserves more attention. I hope one day Sony can give it a HD remaster, day one purchase for me.

  14. Sabse accha game to
    Ninja arshi aur
    Ninja warrior hai
    Is game ko khele ke to dekhna yeah game
    Appka favorite ho jayega game accha lage to mughre comment Mai jarrur batye

  15. Too bad this video was made before the release of The Messenger. It's a great game. Nice video, though <3

  16. Would love to see some games that isn’t made in 19XX.

  17. So nobody gonna talk about how goated aragami is i got it today and its hea

  18. Shinobido was the best ninja game, any other opinion is wrong

  19. I laughed really hard when he said " ninya pizya gurl " lol

  20. Brother im looking for the name of the first game that appeared in the video at 0:03.
    Please tell me the name of that game

  21. Aragami was the best Xbox gold game ever available

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