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10 Best Ninja Games That Will Test Your Agility

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Ninjas are a big part of pop culture, with a myriad of movies, animations and video games that place them in the center of the action. Lots of ninja-centric gaming titles have been released and while some of them managed to become influential and iconic, others didn’t have enough kick. In our Top 10 Ninja Games list we tried to include the best of the best that followed this theme. We chose games that have good technique, a good story, an entertaining gameplay, and a pleasant visual design. You’ll find that we’ve included classical ninja titles, as well as some that are more recent, so hopefully everyone can feel that charming thrill of being a covert mercenary in feudal Japan.


  1. if you love tactics: Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

  2. If there are no shin obi games on this list, then this is not a list we should waste our time on…

  3. Why did you say ninja pizza girl like that twice lmao

  4. arigami is the worst game compre to tenchzu z

  5. Aragami is best assassin and Ninja game ever this game inspired by tenchu

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  7. OMG u are showing old games. Ninja gaiden 3 razor's edge is the best ninja game.

  8. TENCHU for the win how about TENCHU on PS4 soon?

  9. Dude has no idea what he's talking about how could you leave out Shinobi smh lame bruh

  10. What about Shinobi on PS2?! That should be #1. My friend beat the game on hardest difficulty without being touched once.

  11. I was a acting a ninja when i snuck out of my house, only to find my mom fucking the neighbor in the car parked on the driveway. Add that one to the list fraghero. Hiyah!!!

  12. Ten Best Ninja Games You've Never Heard Of 👍

    (Until you get to top 3)

  13. Ninja Gaiden need another game, for these platforms.

  14. NGB is the goat of all ninja games. this list is crummy

  15. I agree Shinobi is a Sega classic. This should be included.

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  17. Where is The Shinobi? (the revenge, shadow dancer)? nintendo fanboy..

  18. Shinobido will always be my fav i know some of yall might disagree but everything abt the game is just perfect to me and god damn it they need to do a remake

  19. Thanks a Lot Bro but You have forget about the stryder hiryu for Xbox one it's a good game too.

  20. Tenchu 1, 2, 3, Shadow Assassins and Tenchu Time at The Assassins, this ist Tenchu !

  21. The difficulty from Ninja Gaiden Black is top notch

  22. Tenchu and Shinobido are the best. Ninja gaiden is everything to me but a ninja game. Shinobi on PS2 was not bad too.

  23. "Ninja games" there is only one ninja game and it's called Tenchu

  24. so disappointed ninja blade not included in the list

  25. Te falto el Shinobi 3 de Sega Genesis! Un pedazo de juego con un OST superlativo. Saludos….

  26. I used to play mini ninjas mad long ago it was actually fun tho

  27. Wow this is a good list…I love it!

    I had a dream once of playing a modern Tenchu game on the PS4, and it showed XRAY moves like you would see in Mortal Kombat X.

    Rikimaru X Ray: Taps Samurai on the back…turns around in confusion, and palms his nose up with poison…you can see his brain just bobbling around and his nose bone snapping into pieces, and at the same time nonstop vomiting until he dies.

    Ayame X Ray: Sneaks from behind grabbing Samurai's feet… lifts her hands in the air, and hard tossed his ass so damn quick that he cracked his skull on hard concrete screaming in pain, and with no remorse chops both arms off in a smooth fashion, while screaming in more pain.

    I woke up crying because I would give anything to go back into that dream again, and also the fact that they will never make another Tenchu game anytime in the future 🙁

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