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10 Best Samurai & Ninja Video Games Of All Time

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Let’s talk about the coolest games ever made.

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  1. The ninja gaiden community generally dislikes the collection from what I've seen. They see the sigma remakes as inferior because they were less difficult and more importantly they removed a lot of the blood and gore from the 2nd game.
    Also Tenchu Wrath of Heaven not being on the list and Ghost of Tsushima only being 7 is a load of dook

  2. No "Way of the Samurai"…no "Tenchu" (kind of a lame excuse not to include such an iconic game). Yeah,this list sucks.

  3. And where the hell is I ninja. Its only the best ps2 game ever

  4. Ghost of Tsushima number 7 😂, dislike 👎

  5. onimusha belongs here for sure!!! with jubay yagiu (I think), nobunaga, demons and whatnot… best samurai game ever!!!
    3:14 lesgoooo… was fun playing jean reno too, although I didn't so much liked his choice of weapon

  6. Trek To Yomi is a superb samurai game, I’d have it on my top ten.

  7. I think Jules meant Samurai "Daimyo", not Dynamo.

  8. Arigami ahead of Ghost of Tshushima?! What a joke

  9. I expected "Sekiro" and "Ghost of Tsushima" to be much higher.

  10. I’ve played about half of the games on this list and it’s very spot on. As for the other half of the list well now I’ve got some amazing looking suggestions, thank you for that!!!

  11. Ghost of Tsushima is the real #1 tho 🤷🏾‍♂️

  12. Hoped to see Shinobido Way of the ninja on this list

  13. I just bought Onimusha: Warlords. In a bundle of Crapcom games. 40 years annyversary and still expensive. I wonder if the game is worth it.

  14. I strongly suspect that the original Total War was based on a board game originally called "Shogun" and later renamed to "Samurai Swords"… it came out along with "Axis and Allies" and "Fortress America" back in the 90s.

  15. Nioh 2 remains the only soulsbourne game I've played much of.

  16. We need a petition or smthing for tenchu to return

  17. So GOT was 7 but at 6 was some dynasty warriors style hack and slash lol

  18. Shout outs to Samurai Showdown Series, Soul Calibur, Technically Dead or Alive with its army of Ninjas. but with that logic brings Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Virtua Fighter has one but he's a really cool fella. King of Fighters 14 has at least 3 that come to mind. Kid Niki Radical Ninja, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder's Revenge, & Brave Fencer Musashi.

  19. Way of the Samurai should be on this list. I'd also put Ghost higher on the list. Otherwise I like it.

  20. You left out Shinobi and Nightshade for the PS2?! Unsubscribed.

  21. There are better games out there, Muramasa – Demon Blade, Monster Hunter Rise (is actually a Ninja like game), Turtles ;), Sengoku Basara, (Pokémon Conquest, although it's actually Nobunaga's Ambition), Musashi

  22. Oooh I was so getting ready to write "what no Nioh" around #3 😂

  23. I would like to see a list of Best Video Game Villain Laughs.

  24. Not only did they leave Tenchu off the list, there was no mention of The Way of the Samuri.

  25. Ninja Blade for the 360 and pc was a pretty good game

  26. Did he really say Dynamo instead of Daimyo? Also… WTF?! You don't put Tenchu on the list because the last actual game from that franchise is almost 20 years old? I thought the video title is "10 Best Samurai & Ninja Video Games *Of All Time*" and not "10 Best Samurai & Ninja Video Games Of the last 10 years".

  27. Ghosts of Tsushima should have won game of the year 2020. TLOU 2 wasn't even close to being as good.

  28. Good list overall, but I'm gonna have to give a thumbs down to no Tenchu, even if Aragami is pretty awesome. It shouldn't matter how long it's been since they've produced a quality game; this is an "of all time" list, so that kind of thing shouldn't even factor in.

    Otherwise, happy we got Onimusha 2 on the list, because although I've seen a lot of people saying 3 was the best, I think part 2 was pretty easily the highest point of the series even if it did take a detour narratively by introducing essentially a completely new cast. I love all of the Onimusha games but I definitely spent the most time with 2 and enjoyed it the most.

  29. Man. I mostly agree with some of these list but. Having sekrio at 10 and ghost of Tsushima at 7 is a crime punishable by losing a finger. Ghost of Tsushima was by far the most beautiful and most fun I’ve ever had playing as a samurai. You should be ashamed

  30. Ooft. While it is fair comment that there hasn't been a good Tenchu in over a decade, 2003's Wrath of Heaven in my books so it's actually bang on two decades, you can't say "of all time" and then footnote them. The PSOne games are definitely a bit rough now but Wrath on the mighty PS2 is still very playable. Disappointing.

  31. ridiculous list. Many better games missing, Tsushima on 7 and some generic asian fantasy rpg on 6 in a "best samurai" game list..? Saying "Shogun 2 isnt as good as Three Kingdoms" lmao it's the best int he series tf

  32. Sorry Jules, I love your content but this list is rubbish. The first two Tenchu Games were phenomenal. They shouldn’t be punished for what newer games lacked. Also, Ghost of Tsushima deserves to be higher.

  33. No Tenchu and no Way of the Samurai invalidates this list.

  34. Samurai Warriors 5? I would have put Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada instead or Samurai Warriors 2. Ghost of Tsushima should have been higher too.

  35. Nioh 2 most definitely earned it’s place at number 1, by far one of the best experience I’ve ever lived in a video game and I recommend any to play it.

  36. You leave out Tenchu because there hasn't been a game for over a decade….then include a games from 2011 on the list 🤔. Without Tenchu, most of these games wouldn't even exist today. Then you have Nioh 2 at No.1 claiming it as the best FromSoft clones out there….then putting FromSofts ACTUAL own samurai game at No.10!!! This is the 1st ever what culture video I'm gonna dislike. Love you Jules but you're better than this

  37. Ghost of Tsushima and Sekiro being below ARAGAMI II is quite literal madness

  38. Um, the first samurai was recorded at 1185, while the first crusade was 1096.

  39. Tenchu is the OG Ninja game. Leaving all the rest to follow.

  40. Switch The Master Collection for Ninja Gaiden Black

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