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13 Best Ninja Games & Samurai Games of All Time

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Ninja Games | Samurai Games | Video games are always better when there’s a katana involved. Here are some of our favorite samurai & ninja games.
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#13 Samurai Warriors 4
Platform: PS3 PS4 PS Vita

#12 Aragami
Platform: PC PS4 XBOX ONE SWITCH Linux

#11 Mark Of The Ninja

#10 Naruto To Boruto: Shinobi Striker
Platform: PC PS4 XBOX ONE

#9 Tenchu
Platform: PS PS2 XBOX XBOX 360 PS Portable Nintendo DS Wii 

#8 Shadow Tactics: Blades Of The Shogun
Platform: PC PS4 XBOX ONE Linux

#7 Bushido Blade
Platform: PS

#6 Ninja Gaiden Series

#5 Nioh + Nioh 2 [PS4 ONLY]
Platform: PC PS4

#4 Onimusha
Platform: PC PS2 PS3 XBOX PS4 XBOX ONE Switch 

#3 Way Of The Samurai
Platform: PS2 PS Portable

#2 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

#1 Ghost Of Tsushima
Platform: PS4 

The Mystical Ninja

Genji: Dawn Of The Samurai 

For HonorPC

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance
Platform: XBOX 360 PC PS3


  1. Ten chu not tenku. Thats my favorite game

  2. Ghost of Tsushima: easily the best game I have ever played in my entire life, it's just beautiful

  3. Let's not forget Genji: Dawn of the Samurai on PS2

  4. Before I even watch, all I'm a say is if Ninja Gaiden isn't on here this list is BLASPHEMY ❗

  5. respectfully recommend "Genki Vol 1". Honestly, it'll help you stop pronouncing "wrath of heaven" as "Tenku".

  6. so, Legend of the Mystical Ninja is here, but not Shinobi 3?

  7. Tbh i like sekiro more than got, but i guess everyone has different opinion

  8. Tenchu stealth assasin best ninja game ever!

  9. i'm surprised you didn't mentioned Samurai Jack battle through time
    what a shame really

  10. the second tenchu was tenchu 2 birth if the stealth assassin

  11. I miss TENCHU, Sekiro didn't have enough stealth for my tastes, the only other game that's got close is styx 1&2. The best Samurai game was Bushido Blade by a very long stretch. Both of these series need a Remake.

  12. I think nioh deserves a higher rank due to most of the people u meet are real people

  13. I think this is the only list ive ever watched where I played and loved every game. Even the honorable mentions took me right back. Also made me realize im what these young people call a weeb I think.

  14. Shinobi for the PS2 should have gotten a honorable mention not to mention the original Shinobi from the arcades back in the 80s.

  15. Also Red Ninja for the PS2 was a cool stealth game. Very bloody.

  16. "so we're not going to talk about dynasty warriors…. So anyway samurai warriors."

  17. Im here to find a game that will get me hyped up to learn Kensei (a For Honor samurai character) 😂

  18. These games are amazing, but still tenchu the series is the best samurai/ninja's game I've ever played

  19. Sekiro is easily one of the best games I've ever played

  20. Sekiro is one one the best games ever made, game is lit.

  21. Ghost of Tsushima is my favorite game

  22. Tenchu 2 one of the best game i ever seen on my life 👌👍

  23. Yakuza Ishin – the no. 1 samurai game that never got a translation. :/

  24. aragami is one of my fav games. Can't wait for aragami 2

  25. Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes > Samurai Warriors 4 & 5 Fight me!

  26. Shadow tactics: blade of the shogun
    is a copy-paste version ninja-like Commandos game.

  27. theres no shinobido ??? best ninja game ever made

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