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15 BEST Samurai And Ninja Games You NEED To Play

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Let’s take a look back and talk about what have been some of the best ninja and samurai related games over the years. In this list, we’re going to take a look at fifteen such games. Given just how vast and popular this genre is, it goes without saying that this list isn’t going to be exhaustive by any means, so if we failed to mention any of your favourites, fire away in the comments section below.

Also note that just for the purpose of this feature, we’re clubbing samurais and ninjas together- we know they’re not one and the same. But you know, convenience and all. Also, this list is in random order and isn’t ranked, so keep that in mind as well.





  1. The New Ghost of Tsushima and Last year's Sekiro would've been definetly on this list

  2. We all just gonna ignore Mini Ninjas?

  3. I played tencue on ds it was on my r4 card

  4. Way Of The Samurai. Tenchu. Samurai Warriors.

  5. Definitely should have included Shinobi for the PS2 it's a gem for sure

  6. I need new ninja gaiden games new path of shadows games and new aragami games

  7. For honor + free roam + Red dead redemption graphics

  8. You forgot Ghost of Tsushima and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Oh wait… 😛

  9. I think countdown channels shouldn't do countdowns if the list isn't based on scale of quality. If it's just a list, no better or worse, I'd say count up. When you count down, you count to something, since 0 and negative numbers don't mean much anyway. I guess it's like saying "Here's the final one," but it just makes sense to count up.

  10. You forgot ninja blade in ps3 some of first games in ps3 thad title deseve a secuel.

  11. Thanks for putting genji dawn of the samurai it got me into samurai and feudal japan type shit

  12. i remember playing a samurai game or ninja game when i was younger (maybe 2006ish) with a female main character and it had exploding cats as decoys anyone know what game i mean?

  13. Soul of the Samurai: This PS1 game is a lost gem no one knows and talks about.

  14. Shame on you you didn’t put origami in it

  15. I love all of them but i think aragami would top most of em

  16. Solid Snake… best modern day Ninja … DONE

  17. Really dude 7, I never finished it in hard mode.SOLD.

  18. Mark of the shadow is not there in playstore how to get it

  19. I own the majority of the Tenchu Franchise

    Tenchu: Stealth Assassin's

    Tenchu 2: Birth Of The Stealth Assassins

    Tenchu: Wrath Of Heaven

    Tenchu: Fatal Shadows

    Tenchu Z

    I've harassed Activision like crazy and begged them to reboot TENCHU!

  20. "This game isn't without its flaws" literally every game dude. Lol

  21. Bushido blade was so gory and controversial back in the day

  22. Me: "Genma Onimusha, Metal Gear Rising, and Ninja Gaiden Black."

  23. Please I need Jinja Ninja Dish TV game In Android

  24. Sekiro, Ghosts of Tsushima?!!

  25. I don't care what y'all say metal gear rising is the most badass and the best mechanics.

  26. I can't believe you left out Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun. A hidden gem for sure.

  27. Fixed cameras are better than those horrible boring non cinematic cameras that become and obstacle and interrupt the gameplay, and it does not even fix the problems that they were supposed to, it is just for lazy programmers.

  28. Can we get a new Tenchu. I loved the Stealth Assassins on PS1

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