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15 More BEST Samurai And Ninja Games You NEED To Play

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Samurais that cut down foes with swift and deadly strikes, ninjas that strike at their enemies from the darkness and disappear into the night- there’s just something about these two very different kinds of warriors that attracts both storytellers and audiences in large numbers, and video games, like any other entertainment medium, are not immune to those charms.

Over the years, dozens upon dozens of excellent games have done some memorable stuff with samurais and ninjas, and that’s seen even more of an uptick in recent years. And now that it’s been some time since we spoke about our favorite games with samurais or ninjas in then, here, we’re going to speak about a few more.


  1. I really thought Mark of the Ninja would have made it in this list as it's an underrated gem

  2. So far Aragami 2 is proving to hold up to what promised to some extent. It needs some improvements in places, but it's hard to beat that classic Tenchu feel.

  3. Soooo no Onimusha or Nioh 2?,sad… how about Shadow Warrior 2?….Tenchu 😔

  4. All this list shows me is thaf we need ALOT more Samurai/Ninja games like GOT/Sekiro/NG simple

  5. Tenchu is the Best Rikimaru is the real Ninja

  6. Havent seen the firs part, but i would add some more (if you can find or affort them). Total War Shogun1&2 (pc), Mark of the ninja, psvr has many ninja titles, seirento and fruit ninja might be the best of them. Rockstar made an awsome ps2 game tats called something like "cowboy samurai highnoon showdown", then there is BLOOD WILL TELL (ps2) its around$250, way of the samurai 1-4, vertyfull joe and kengo were other ones and obviously the tenchu series, plus the lesser known SHINOBIDO1&2 (ps2/psp/ps vita), which was made by the tenchu developers an was only released in europe &asia. Legend of kage and shinobi for the nintendo ds were also great.red steel1&2 , no more heroes for the wii. Afro samurai for the ps3 was bad, but cool as Fck. Naruto series (esecially rise of a ninja👍) schadow warrior1&2, shadow tactics, shadowrun,ninja blade, deadpool, wet, killer is dead, ninja turles,kengo zero, tenchu z, Metal gear rising revengence, lego ninjago, Heaveny sword was great too.and im not sure if we can count the NIER titles or even Batman too🤔 I just really hope assassins creed make a samurai/ninja game there were many legendary stories of shaolins, musashi, 47 ronin, hatori hanzo, and so on

  7. I am a casual gamer who managed to finish Bloodborne, which made me think I could do Sekiro too. Boy was I wrong. Refunded in two hours. Way too difficult for me lol. But man Katana Zero is such an epic game. The music, the art design, the style, the adrenaline. I was chuckling throughout the game with joy and surprise.

  8. Χρήστος Ιερωνυμάκης says:

    Mark of the Ninja Remastered. Your list sir, is faulty.

  9. Aragami 2 give me that tenchu z vibe definitely gonna try it out 🔥

  10. So no Onimusha, no Nioh, no Mark of the Ninja, and most glaringly NO FUCKING TENCHU. What kind of list is this???

  11. We need Tenchu and Shinobido remasters.

  12. my first choice is Tenchu, my last choice is Tenchu.
    ninja Gaiden is in the middle.

  13. Of all the games you mentioned. Mark of the ninja should be a number 1 in the ninja category of games. That was Ninja stealth genre defining game. 2D ninja perfection.

  14. Don't get wrong, samurai's are different from ninja's.
    Ninja Gaiden and Shinobi only true ninja games.

  15. You forgot one of the best game Mark of the ninja remastered are you kidding???

  16. Yeah…we don't need a Japan setting for Assassins Creed anymore. Indies should focus on "Clinter Spell".

  17. Way of the samurai 3? No? One of the most interesting games from a plot perspective ever made, 30 different endings, great combat, weapon customization, awesome techniques. So sleep for leaving this one off.

  18. Tekken should be in the list if you're a yoshi or master Raven main

  19. Dear GamingBolt,
    you always Start with number 1, but in my opinion it's not that exciting, can you start with number 15 or 10, like in the good old days. 😉

  20. Western exorcist is also a hidden gem, great combat and graphic style. Released quite recently.

  21. Lol 20 seconds in and they really just said "stellar tellers" haha I guess 1.09 million subscribers isn't yet worth redoing the into 😂 still ahead of ign though, so rest easy

  22. The Messenger its fantastic. The sense of humour throught all the game , only for that deserves your time and your money.

  23. Did I miss a prior video that covered Nioh and Nioh 2?! If not they should’ve been one of the first on the list, those are some of the best combat intensive games I’ve played, I put them right up there with Sekiro but with more build variety and replay-ability

  24. For samurai ghost of Tsushima will always be the best

  25. One word sekiro! The lone wolf is kicking jin sakais ass!

    P.s.: nioh 2 is missing here

  26. You should also say which platforms have those games available

  27. Yakuza Ishin is great and it would be nice if the game got the same treatment for the west like the other Yakuza games.

  28. You added some stupid 8-bit games and yet no Nioh/Nioh 2..

  29. Where was Mark of the ninja on this list?

  30. How is Nioh 1 and 2 not on this list? I would also put Mark of the Ninja remastered on that list too.

  31. Play katana zero you won't regret downloading it🤗

  32. Many cyber ninja side scrollers but no mention of Strider?

  33. Sekiro absolutely trashes Ghost of Sushis, not even a contest

  34. There aren't enough 3rd person samurai/ninja games in this World

  35. The Way of the Samurai series was phenomenal despite getting more and more ridiculous with each entry, the Kengo series is a MUST for anyone who like Samurai and Ninsha. The Tenchu series, Onimusha, Ganbare Goemon 64, Genji, Nioh, Ren Ninja, Sengoku Musou, before it just regurgitated the same stories, The Last Blade was an AWESOME fighting game.
    Mini-Ninjas was also such a cute and extremely fun game, as was I-Ninja before it.
    Shinobido was also really cool,
    and Nobunaga's Ambition for all the strategy players out there.

  36. Ninjas and Samurais are my two favourite characters in every media. Especially when it comes to video games it just brings out the fun and joy. With they’re awesome combat and great tenacity.

  37. TENCHU wrath of heaven?
    Nioh 2?
    10 sec ninja?
    Toukuden 1&2
    I ninja?
    Do better with these list 🤦🏿‍♂️

  38. Surprised Katana Kami : A Way Of The Samurai Story wasn't mentioned. Great game.

  39. Shinobi ps2

    A lot more games to mention

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