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15 More BEST Samurai And Ninja Games You NEED To Play

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Samurais that cut down foes with swift and deadly strikes, ninjas that strike at their enemies from the darkness and disappear into the night- there’s just something about these two very different kinds of warriors that attracts both storytellers and audiences in large numbers, and video games, like any other entertainment medium, are not immune to those charms.

Over the years, dozens upon dozens of excellent games have done some memorable stuff with samurais and ninjas, and that’s seen even more of an uptick in recent years. And now that it’s been some time since we spoke about our favorite games with samurais or ninjas in then, here, we’re going to speak about a few more.


  1. Play katana zero you won't regret downloading it🤗

  2. Many cyber ninja side scrollers but no mention of Strider?

  3. Sekiro absolutely trashes Ghost of Sushis, not even a contest

  4. There aren't enough 3rd person samurai/ninja games in this World

  5. The Way of the Samurai series was phenomenal despite getting more and more ridiculous with each entry, the Kengo series is a MUST for anyone who like Samurai and Ninsha. The Tenchu series, Onimusha, Ganbare Goemon 64, Genji, Nioh, Ren Ninja, Sengoku Musou, before it just regurgitated the same stories, The Last Blade was an AWESOME fighting game.
    Mini-Ninjas was also such a cute and extremely fun game, as was I-Ninja before it.
    Shinobido was also really cool,
    and Nobunaga's Ambition for all the strategy players out there.

  6. Ninjas and Samurais are my two favourite characters in every media. Especially when it comes to video games it just brings out the fun and joy. With they’re awesome combat and great tenacity.

  7. TENCHU wrath of heaven?
    Nioh 2?
    10 sec ninja?
    Toukuden 1&2
    I ninja?
    Do better with these list 🤦🏿‍♂️

  8. Surprised Katana Kami : A Way Of The Samurai Story wasn't mentioned. Great game.

  9. Shinobi ps2

    A lot more games to mention

  10. How did you leave out "Mark of the Ninja"?!!

    It's such an obvious choice, and in my opinion is vastly superior to most games on your list.

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