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15 More BEST Samurai And Ninja Games You NEED To Play

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Samurais that cut down foes with swift and deadly strikes, ninjas that strike at their enemies from the darkness and disappear into the night- there’s just something about these two very different kinds of warriors that attracts both storytellers and audiences in large numbers, and video games, like any other entertainment medium, are not immune to those charms.

Over the years, dozens upon dozens of excellent games have done some memorable stuff with samurais and ninjas, and that’s seen even more of an uptick in recent years. And now that it’s been some time since we spoke about our favorite games with samurais or ninjas in then, here, we’re going to speak about a few more.


  1. Have been loving Ninja Gaiden 2 on the xbox but would prefer it if the enemies were more traditional like up to level 7 or 8 where they start using modern weapons and having mecha, becomes less aesthetically pleasing. I preferred fighting other ninjas and monsters personally.

  2. You forgot about Samurai Bringer, which is a $10 arcade "roguelike" where you can make your own attacks EASILY. Just complex enough for advanced attacks, but easy enough for the average people to learn in literally only 1 hour.You have to kill "Brave Generals" to basically… turn into them… so kill as many of those as you can.

  3. Why is ghostrunner the thumbnail but its not on the list

  4. honestly, rn im just trying to find the game that i love playing when i was a kid, but i forgot the name of the game

  5. Ghost of Thushima blows all the others out of the water

  6. Finally a list w muramasa given its due credit 💕💕

  7. How did you leave out "Mark of the Ninja"?!!It's such an obvious choice, and in my opinion is vastly superior to most games on your list.

  8. Thanks for the list :O, adding some these to my list of games to play this year 🙂

  9. NIOH is the Next Onimusha.
    Flying under the radar , and will be on a Future YouTube List.

  10. Dude “Samurai Jack Battle Through Time” was the best game in 2020(in my opinion). It really adds more to the final season! 😎👍🏼. I’m glad you guys mentioned that game!

  11. Yakuza Ishin isnt translated, why would you recommend this

  12. uhhh "Mark of the Ninja" best 2d ninja game come on man

  13. Ghost of Tsushima is the first game I’ve ever platinumed on PlayStation 4

  14. CrimsonCloudKaori [35P]「すこん部」 says:

    I really wish there were more samurai/ninja games (or even games with just a medieval japanese setting) that you play as a female character. (and is not unpleasantly hard)

  15. Samurai Warriors 5? Shinobido? Metal Gear Rising?

  16. Unpopular opinion. We are starting to see a lot of samurai and ninja games lately. Maybe even to the extent of over saturation. I think developers should try other things. But my personal favorite is Nioh 2 at the moment.

  17. I can't believe you didn't include Shinobi.

  18. I'm sad Muramasa the demon blade isn't on more platforms. I have it on Vita but so few people have a Vita. It really needs to come to PS4, Switch, Xbox and PC so more can play it. It's my favorite Vanillaware game.

  19. Way of the Samurai 1-3
    Bushido Blade
    Afro Samurai

    Come to mind…

  20. Nioh 2 should be on this list. That game is amazing. Very difficult but its still a great game.

  21. Kengo, Way of the Samurai, Genji, Samurai Western should also be played by anyone who enjoy Samurai games.

  22. Keep disrespecting Tenchu's name.. Also GOT had awful stealth

  23. I’d say metal gear rising is a samurai game just with a different aesthetic

  24. How on EARTH was Mark of the Ninja Remastered NOT on this list?!

  25. No Nioh, Strider, Onimusha, Soul of the Samurai, no Naruto, no Metal Gear Rising and most importantly no Tenchu, the game that was ahead of its time imo, might as well not do the list at all

  26. Great list, but that Sekiro gameplay was painful lol There's lock-on for a reason

  27. Aragami 2 is a AAA game in 2021? Somebody must have been high asf when they wrote that

  28. You freaking Potatos make a video about the best ninja games and you did not iclude "Mark of the "NINJA"". Are you fucking kidding me? Not to mention "Shinobido: Way of the Ninja". Are you people using your asses to research? You just lost ANY credibility.

  29. Ha, seeing Ryu do an Izuna drop really takes me back 😂

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