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15 Obscure, Weird and Bad Games From the ’80s Ninja Boom | Kim Justice

Kim Justice
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Between TMNT, Michael Dudikoff and Sho Kosugi, ninjas were everywhere in the 1980’s. Thanks to this, we got some great games! And some really not great ones. If you want to see Ninjas riding around on BMX’s, Scooters and Surfboards, various Ninja Turtles rip-offs and various other bits of obscure computer ninja weirdness, you’ve come to the right video. Enjoy!

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  1. Ninja Scooter tip 'just go straight to complete' reflects the total lack of play testing back in the day 🙂

  2. I remember a really slow and stodgy game called Ninja Master that had appalling digitised speech on the C64

  3. It's a shame that it missed out by being released in 1990, but Ninja Golf for the Atari 7800 would be an absolutely inspired choice as an obscure and weird 'Ninja' game.

    It shouldn't work on paper at all but it's actually a very enjoyable game that mixes up elements of Kung Fu Master and a standard golf game. Haha!

  4. Kai Temple on the ZX Spectrum comes to mind which I'd place in this list.

  5. Intwanational cwying wabbits . Rofl . JUST STOP . LOL

  6. I can vividly remember International Ninja Rabbits from my local computer shop. Always used to look at it and wish my dad would buy it. He never did and seems like he made the right call haha. Great video.

  7. never been that in to ninjas.

  8. I remember asking my mum for a copy of The Last Ninja on my C64 one Christmas. She got me that Ninja game from Mastertronic.

    It was pretty good to be fair, for a budget title anyway.

  9. Ninja master on the c64,brother that was shite.

  10. It is fair to say that I have absolutely no recollection of the particular delightfully insane games mentioned here…it is fair to say that back in the day I preferred to play shoot-em-ups or platformers that did not involve having to punch anything. I think that by and large, back in the day, playing any kind of beat-em ups involved sometimes dubious collision detection, whether or not hardware sprites were involved, or even if whatever bitchen' custom graphics architecture was employed in the good ol' days of proper arcade machines. Basically, if I had a spaceship that could shoot stuff at other spaceships, then the chances of besting the enemy was mostly reliable. As a side note though…thinking of the later years of true Bullet Hell, like Raiden and such…where…were…the…WINGMEN? What insane dictator could elect to spend whatever insane amount of capital on building so many adversaries, many of them taking up an entire screen (esp. with the later Raiden & such games)…why would such a dictator do that, if there was just one aircraft that was taking on his entire military resources? And also give out free weapons upgrades along the way…WHYYYYYYYYYY? It is Friday, and I am happy.

  11. God, I had the C64 version of Ninja Hamster. It was so fucking bad, you had to beat your opponent 7 times just to advance to the next one. Fucking stupid. Luckily, It was a pirated copy. LOL

  12. Indeed, that time on the Amiga was fantastic to be alive in. It is true that the Amiga hosted many fine games that still echo through the halls of time as classics. But it also played host to mountains of nasty crud like this. Really takes me back…

  13. At 10.46 the ninja seems to have extremely dangly balls.

  14. Probe were also responsible for the ST and Amiga ports of Outrun, the less said of which the better.

  15. Ahhh yes. When ninjas fight, they only come at the hero one at once. For bonus points they should be prancing about in an odd way while waiting.

  16. Ninja hamster I've played and didn't mind but it was very bland.
    Two horrific games were released by firebird for the speccy, by tron software – ninja master and oriental hero.
    The first is a kind of ninja decathlon with hopeless graphics and annoying sampled speech, but at least has SOME semblance of playability.
    Oriental hero however is one of the worst games ever released on the spectrum….. I challenge you to play it!!!

  17. Hero Turtles? Wtf never heard of that one before

  18. Codemasters' games all seem to have that weird vibrato tone in their music.

  19. I just added a type-in game by Adam Waring to the spectrumcomputing website (eventually), School's Out! Great to see he kept on coding 🙂

  20. yknow what was a good ninja game? Mercenary wars on the gameboy. loved it as a kid. nice video 🙂

  21. Absolute gold, well done Kim. This has really cheered me up.

  22. I actually loved the original ninja rabbits, or it's the non international one

  23. After feeling rather let down with Ninja, Ninja Scooter Simulator, BMX Ninja and Ninja Hamster on my Speccy, I was pleasantly surprised with Ninja Massacre! And it was cheap too!
    Although I still don't know why I kept on buying games with the word ninja in them after the first four I got were a bit shit… 😛

  24. These videos are fascinating & funny, you're very good at making them 🙂 Thanks

  25. I think the girlfriend in BMX Ninja gets properly naked at the end, albeit covering her naughty bits.

  26. Ahh Shoot 'em Up Construction Kit. I wish I still had my copy of Robocop & Terminator vs Ninja I made on it. Hours of fun making the game.

  27. Do brits pronounce stoic as stoyk? I thought it was stoh ick. But wtf do I know?

  28. I finished Shinobi with only one quarter on so many occasions.

  29. Love your intro music and clip so much I subscribed don’t know how it’s made but it’s spot on nostalgic greatness

  30. When you give these game reviews, do you go poo?

  31. 80s Ninja Boom would make an excellent band name

  32. I remember making my own "games" with Shoot Em Up Construction Kit

  33. Did i just look at a game where someone throws swastikas as a weapon?

  34. The Speccy Ninja Scooter Simulator isn’t too bad!

  35. No mention of Ninja Golf on the Atari 7800? Ninja games don't get much wackier than that.

  36. The 1990 Ninja game from Black System on the CPC was actually a Public Domain game that was first released as a type-in listing. Their authors published many games this way. However, a compilation for the laziest people who didn't bother to type all the DATA lines was released, hence this is why you claim having downloaded a cracked version.

  37. No Ninja Golf? I think it was on the Atari 7800. :o)

  38. -Attack of the youtube copyright bots- says:

    you had me at weird and obscure

  39. Ninja (Mastertronic) is very good game for 1986. Although fighting is lacking, variety of weapons, moves and exploration made it very enjoyable. And the music is excellent, especially on Atari 8 bit!

  40. 5000 dollar?!? For making a whole game!?!?!?

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