15 Obscure, Weird and Bad Games From the '80s Ninja Boom | Kim Justice - brownebrand.com

15 Obscure, Weird and Bad Games From the ’80s Ninja Boom | Kim Justice

Kim Justice
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Between TMNT, Michael Dudikoff and Sho Kosugi, ninjas were everywhere in the 1980’s. Thanks to this, we got some great games! And some really not great ones. If you want to see Ninjas riding around on BMX’s, Scooters and Surfboards, various Ninja Turtles rip-offs and various other bits of obscure computer ninja weirdness, you’ve come to the right video. Enjoy!

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  1. Haha I knew that ninja scooter would be in here lol

  2. I actually liked that Mastertronic "Ninja" game. The BGM is catchy on the Atari and still OK on the C64.

  3. "…. Why would they crack it otherwise?" Oh, you'd be surprised. They even cracked type in games! It was all about being the first to crack whatever.

  4. If I was a ninja I'd be a Master BMX Bionic Ninja who defended the supermarket, just like my heroes. o/

  5. Bwilliant video. Bwings back alot of memowies. Thank you!

  6. The only one on the list i have played is Ninja on Commodore 64😀

  7. I loved playing through Ninja Massacre. I got it on the Quattro Combat tape that had 4 games on it.

  8. Damn Kim what’s your intro music from? It drives me crazy every time.

  9. 2:40 I was Hoping… LITERALLY HOPING that if this was going to feature Oddball Ninja Games that NINJA HAMSTER would appear… MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED! (Side note, I was TERRIBLE at this game but I ALSO LOVED IT!)

  10. BMX Ninja…

    BMX’s and Ninjas together in a game? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

  11. Go watch the movie Eliminators. It's the Citizen Kane of movies with a ninja

  12. Very proud to have a copy of Ninja scooter simulator for the speccy on me self. Me and me mate use crack up on how random it was. Shame all those other Ninja games never saw the light of day.
    Ninja Pacman, Advanced Ninja lawnmower simulator,, Horace goes to Ninja school, Jack the Ninja, Ninja Willy, Ninja ending story,, Manic Ninja and we'd all like to have played Auf Wiedersehen Ninja.

  13. I kind of take offense to "Yankee Trash". Granted the movie is shit, but it's a kids movie. Also it starred the late great Leslie Nielsen.

  14. Being an American, I didn't have these microcomputers growing up, so it's always fascinating to me to see what I missed out on; the good, the bad, AND the ugly. Thank you for all the hard work you put into these videos.

  15. I got Ninja Scooter Simulator for my birthday one year on the Amstrad. I seem to remember the entire game being set at night and being able to do tricks like spinning jumps. I think I really enjoyed it.

  16. I had (and i think still have) ninja massacre for the spectrum. I seem to remember i really liked it back in the day. I will have to get it out again and see if it still holds up.

  17. Ninja Golf, you forgot about Ninja Golf… unsubbing and disliking!

    …just kidding, awesome video!

  18. Ace vid – what a time it was to be a young lad in the video rental shop with his dad on a Friday night, shelves resplendent with Horror, adventure and martial arts video covers staring back at you. Meals on Wheels, Armour of God and other Jackie Chan flicks were a regular treat!

  19. I liked Ninja scooter simulator on the speccy as a kid.

  20. Really enjoyed this 🙂 my first thought was, predictably trio the punch. I tried to complete it on mame once but the save state ended up getting corrupted, the second player was a ninja who i think was the best character, and you fight ninja's alot in game anyways good list!

  21. I remember playing Ninja Rabbits and International Ninja Rabbits on the PC. Believe it or not I kind of enjoyed the latter game. Thought it had nice graphics. Of course, the graphics where pretty much the only saving grace, the gameplay was horrible. The ninja rabbits game was bought on the EDOS label, a forgotten in-store duplication system that could be seen as the Steam of the early 90’s. Maybe fancy covering EDOS some day?

  22. I remember finding International Ninja Rabbits on a shovelware CD with "martial arts" games. Most of the games were horribly limited, and only demo of MK2 and MK3 could provide you some fun… that is, if you could find another player. So I've played way more Ninja Rabbits than a even a bored kid should. Now I think, if that was a demo of the game, or maybe the publisher just put the whole game on the disc, not caring about it's legal status. Good times… [edit] also, just checked, Ninja Rabbits and it's sequel, International Ninja Rabbits, was developed by Flair Software, devs behind Dangerous Streets, Elvira: The Arcade Game and Oscar!

  23. Shadow Knights was great. The controls were tight, the level design was great for the time and it was just hard enough to give you a good challenge without becoming frustrating. One of the first PC games I beat as a kid way back when.

  24. Shadow Knight what a great old game programmed by the best of the best. I never played it back then but wish I had. I’m going to try and find the source code.

  25. "Games that can be completed in less than 5 minutes" seems like a great idea for an episode.

  26. I saw 80s ninja boom and gave a thumbs up 🙂
    …i'll watch it all next lunch break 🙂

  27. The American Ninja series of films were bloody hilarious to watch (not sure if subsequent games were ever made).

  28. I was thinking of the indie Evel Kneivel game Joe Danger this evening right before watching this.. Ironic one of these you presented seemed almost like an earlier version of it.. Synchronicity

  29. The main character of Surf Ninjas couldn't look more like John Cena if it tried.

  30. I could listen to your voice all day, Kim Justice. Thanks!

  31. Ninja scooter for the Amstrad was a great, fun game.

  32. Just starting vid. You better feature Ninja Master on C64. So bad.

  33. You missed out £1.99 special Ninja Master on the C64. Marvel in wonder as your stiff as a board idiot ninja tries to master various techniques of stupidity while looking like he had shat his pantaloons.

  34. I had Ninja Scooter Simulator on the c64, it was naff

  35. Shame you missed out Saboteur and saboteur II from Durell soft. One of the best specy games there was.

  36. This is litterally an article I did in my book 😀

  37. Oh man, the 80s ninja boom. 🙂 At one point I had seen EVERY ninja and ninja related movie from our local VHS rental shops. 🙂

  38. Death stars? Throwing death stars?…. Shuriken or throwing stars!

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