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19 Minutes of PERFECT Ninja Defuses…

VALORANT – Protatomonster
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19 Minutes of PERFECT Ninja Defuses… Best Sneaky Defuses, 200 IQ Plays, Stealth Wins, Creative Outplays and Big Brain Moments in a Valorant Montage

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  1. 3:30 WH- 0.04 seconds left!? It possibly can’t get any closer!

  2. Sheeeesh. My man's AwesomeJoey always with the giveaways.

  3. Neon on icebox going for the cheeky defuse behind viper was just summing up how cheeky the defuses can get

  4. 1:00 poor breach 1 ammo moment but he couldn’t headshot

  5. Every time chamber does a sneaky diffuse he be like no one else could do this

  6. the KJ with the Judge at 9:10 was so good. Ninja'd the cap the killed the last 2 🙂

  7. It s happened to me so many Time i love do that !
    Not a lot against me ! Thanks God haha

  8. you can tell its fake bc the white circle around the spike is like a boader for sage wall so it cant go over it or else thats a bit unfair

  9. The one with the Sage and the Reyna at 16:40 was pure luck and skill combined of the reyna being dumb and the sage not faking

  10. Thanks for including my clip at 10:20 ! On of my only ninja defuses I ever got lol

  11. 8:22 I swear when you get hit by fade ult I'll have a anxiety can't hear anything and the game turns into horror game 😂😂

  12. The first one is my favorite because of the way the omen just stares at him confused lol

  13. Chamber def in replica vs sage. Was most amazing

  14. Imma DEFINITELY Get My Mom Out the HOOD with My MUSIC‼️🔥🎙

  15. 13:00 You gota have some big ba**s to stick a defuse in viper ult

  16. Bro I have a 1vs3 Clutch Ninja Defuse with 0,01 left and it doesnt get picked 😞

  17. Guys u won't believe it but in the spike rush 2 people on enemy team and 1 on our team but ours was afk and the enemy's were mocking him like crouching and the timer expired and we won the round and they were like WAIT WHAT

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