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20 Best Stealth Games That TRULY TEST Your SNEAK LEVEL

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Here are some of our favorite stealth sneaking games throughout gaming history.
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#20 Aragami

Platform : Linux PC OS X PS4 Xbox One Switch Amazon Luna

#19 Sly Cooper Series

Platform : PS2 PS3 PS Vita PS4

#18 Assassin’s Creed Series

Platform : PC PS3 Xbox 360 PS4 PC XBOX ONE

#17 Deus Ex Mankind Divided/Human Revolution

Platform : PC PS3 Wii U PS4 Xbox One Linux

#16 Tenchu series

Platform : PS PS2 Xbox PS Portable Nintendo DS Xbox 360 Wii

#15 Alien Isolation

Platform : PC PS3 PS4 Xbox 360 Xbox One Linux OS X Switch Amazon Luna

#14 Chronicles of Riddick

Platform : PC Xbox

#13 Invisible Inc.

Platform : PC OS X Linux PS4 Switch

#12 Volume

Platform : PC OS X PS4 PS Vita

#11 Syphon Filter

Platform : PS, PS2

#10 Batman: Arkham City

Platform : PS3 Xbox 360 PC Wii U OS X PS4 Xbox One

#9 Styx Master of Shadows/Shards of Darkness

Platform : PC PS4 Xbox One

#8 Shadow Tactics

Platform : PC PS4 Xbox One Linux

#7 Dishonored PC PS3 PS4 Xbox 360 Xbox One) (DEATHLOOP PC PS5)

#6 Sniper Elite 4

Platform : PC PS4 Xbox One Stadia Switch

#5 Mark of the Ninja

Platform : Xbox 360 PC Linux OS X Switch Xbox One PS4

#4 Hitman series

Platform : PC PS3 PS4 PS5 XBOX ONE XSX|S Switch Stadia PS VITA PS2 Xbox 360

#3 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Platform : PC PS3 PS4 PS5 Xbox 360 Xbox One

#2 Splinter Cell Chaos Theory

Platform : PC PS2 Xbox GameCube Nintendo DS Nintendo 3DS PS3

#1 Thief 2: The Metal Age

Platform : PC


Ghost of Tsushima

Platform : PS4 PS5

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

Platform : PC PS4 Xbox One Stadia

0:00 INTRO
0:17 Aragami
1:10 Sly Cooper
1:42 Assassin’s Creed
2:42 Deus Ex Mankind Divided/Human Revolution
3:23 Tenchu series
4:10 Alien Isolation
4:47 Chronicles of Riddick
5:36 Invisible Inc.
6:29 Volume
7:11 Syphon Filter
7:56 Batman: Arkham City
8:54 Styx Master of Shadows/Shards of Darkness
9:57 Shadow Tactics
10:54 Dishonored / DEATHLOOP
11:47 Sniper Elite 4
12:52 Mark of the Ninja
14:03 Hitman series
15:16 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
16:09 Splinter Cell Chaos Theory
16:59 Thief 2: The Metal Age
Ghost of Tsushima
Sekiro Shadows Die Twice


  1. Another good game with unique stealth features is We Happy Few

  2. TENCHU , ❤️❤️❤️
    the game that made me start playing rpg games, full of beautiful memories when I remember playing it …thank you for taking me back to the past…

  3. Crysis – game by Crytek(2007) gets my vote for combat stealth gaming!
    "Cloak engage"…
    "maximum armor"…
    "maximum strength"…"maximum speed"

  4. sekiro is straght up the best game ive ever played, I like it as an honorable mention

  5. I wish they would remaster Dishonored 1 with Dishonored 2 style improvements gameplay wise

  6. still tenchu series is the best, i hope the comeback will happen

  7. I know it's a little strange, but I loved playing Horizon Zero Dawn as a stealth game; it was a lot of fun to become a true hunter of beasts.

  8. The mark of kri and or rise of the kasai?

  9. I love Thief and Dishonored. I just watched your clips to see where you dropped Thief lol. My living room has a Theif 2014 game theme, so much so, on the fence of ordering an aged wine barrel for an end table.

  10. Days Gone stealth is underrated. Not the best, but far far from the worst. Genuinely stressed sometimes

  11. i remember playing a simple thief game where youll have to steal from the house and avoid cameras or police will kick in, it was like gunpoint if anyone have any idea plz, i want your reply

  12. The Batman games are no doubt one of the best, when I purchased them and played Arkham Asylum for measly 50 minutes I almost gave up on it, since the first sequence was placed at Intensive Care Treatment and I thought that was it, the map was so small so I gave up and placed a return request. I don't know how but steam apparently rejected it, even though it passes all the conditions of refund, I purchased it 4 days ago and had only 61 minutes of gametime recorded. Nevertheless I gave it another try, completed that sequence and was overwhelmed with the map and later the gameplay and story. I have already replayed that game 3 times, played Arkham City 2 times, now playing Arkham Origins 👍👍

  13. I can't believe Monaco: What's Yours is Mine wasn't on this list

  14. Tenchu, those where fun times 😁. Still waiting for that reboot too!

  15. Where's Hitman series??
    Literally the only series which brought the era of stealth games

  16. Thief is thief it's the best stealth game ever ….it was amazing for its time

  17. Sly cooper was one of the first games I played and definitely one of the first PS titles I owned personally and the very FIRST game I played that had any stealth mechanics at all . To say I played them a lit was an understatement. Really hoping for a PS 5 remaster down the road along with maybe a new one . The series doesn't get as much love as it should .
    Edit . After scrolling the comment section, I'm sad to see that not a lot of people are mentioning the games and it makes me sad. The only thing I didn't like about the game series is when you had to use the sensor in the controller to move around a maze by tilting the controller in different directions.

  18. People somehow say Dishonored is underrated, but Deathloop truly is underrated. It is a fantastic game with characters you come to love or hate, an amazing story, and a truly unique concept! It's one of my favorites just from one playthrough. I love the way you can tackle the entirety of the game in different ways and that its encouraged. The dialouge and voice acting are actually top tier, too! I highly recommend!

  19. Thief 1 and 2 have the most realistics stealth mechanics. You really need patience with that game because can be slow and tedious

  20. I honestly thought 'Ghost Recon: Breakpoint' would make it. Anyway, Great video as always!

  21. notice how assasssins creed wasnt even mentioned… game died after revelations. no more stealth and it hurts

  22. Are the Tomb Raider games considered stealth???

  23. Commandos 2: Men of Courage is my personal favorite. Thanks for the great content!

  24. The chronicles of riddick doesn't seem to be available on any platforms unfortunately.

  25. Never really liked 1st person stealth. Dishonoured just doesn't appeal to me the same way Styx does.

  26. You can't leave out the skyrim stealth archer build 😂

  27. I got SO HAPPY when you included the Sly games!! Made my inner child happy

  28. Some cone-vision sneaky strategy I'd like to see on a stealth list is the first Commandos games

  29. I feel like A Plague Tale Innocence was pretty good at stealth

  30. You should add far cry series for their stealth outpost libration.

  31. Thank you for at least putting ghost of Tsushima in honorable mention I love the game I do think that you can choose stealth like gameplay or you can just choose like to just not go sneaky. I personally went stealth like but sometimes you cant

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