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3 Foot Ninja 1 & 2

Michael Tovar Games
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  1. Funny how the brain works..I thought I've forgotten thid

  2. Eu jogava muito quando era criança, la em 2006, penava bastante pra passar de fase kkk

  3. This brings back so many memories……used to play this on my uncle's laptop in 2009 and 2010

  4. Maaaaaan my childhood memories😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  5. This game was super fun when I used to play it! I got close to the end but could never beat it because you couldn't save which I just don't have time for lol

  6. I could never get past chapter 3 back in 2005

  7. Ofc it gets recommended when flash player died so they can hit us with that nostalgia train

  8. This is very nostalgic. I played this since i was 8 in 2013.

  9. Can anyone Say That Is There A Game So Similar To This Gane Because In My Childhood I Used to Play A Game Soo Similar Than this And I Forgot it and I cant find it

  10. the god…..damn…….nostalgia eminating from this game is off the charts…childhood moment of heaven

  11. I hated this game because i could never get pass a certain level….now I'm all grown up but i bet i still wouldn't get past that level if i tried

  12. WHAAAAAIT WWWWHAAAIT WHAIT A SECOND O M G i forgot this game but now i remember it daaaamn nostalgia

  13. I cant finish it as a kid but I wanna try it now im an adult but I dont know how to download it again

  14. I've played this game 10 year ago…❤️❤️

  15. Oh man,finally,after a long time,i found my childhood favourite game

  16. When I was in class 2 I was addicted to this

  17. The nostalgic feeling after recognizing the name of the game, The character, Part-1, especially Part-2, and its theme song hit that hard that I am numb right now.
    Seeing the gameplay after almost 15years ; )


  19. I remeber not being able to find the button to attack the enemy , it took us days to find which button was for attack , just because we skipped the instructions . We were five lol ( talking about me and an old friend of mine )

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