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3 games that FULLY COPIED Ninja Arashi

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3 games that copied ninja arashi.Ninja arashi is a famous platform runner game which has over 10 million downloads in play store.But there are many copies of ninja arashi which you should not download and those are fake.In this video you will see some games which are fake and fully copied from ninja arashi.
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  1. NOOB 91_GAMER • 9.9M views • 1 hour ... says:


  2. Subscribed cause there is something different rather than pubg

  3. In ninja arashi 2 I knnow hot to beat record I knnow how hurt him when he Got shield

  4. The last two statements are truly insane😂

  5. Man are u sure that these games copied Ninja arashi and ninja arashi hasn't copied them?

  6. Oh my god there is a level to copy but these Dev's have crossed the level

  7. Who in the world did the swinging contraption in the 3rd one?

  8. That was Funny 😂😂
    They Fully Copied Ninja Arashi 🤦

  9. Qarantin you remember bola Bala the developer in tomorrow video I want you to answer more questions from your fans and I will tell you more about him

  10. Plz give a shoutout to Parzival plays in your video

  11. 0:23 at least they changed little bit while compared to 1st 2 games . BTW samurai assassin is a superb game they copied ninja arashi but still it's good as it made little changes

  12. Did you die in the game I watch your all video than you don't die how

  13. I hope the developers of Arashi can sue the copy cats

  14. So 40 people like copied games
    These must be those very people who copy during exam 🤔

  15. Hola siempre yo 🇭🇳👍

  16. Can you list games as enjoyable and addictive as ninja Arashi

  17. 𝒟𝒩𝒜 𝓁𝑒𝑔𝑒𝓃𝒹 says:

    Yes I know

  18. ⚰️⚔️TSAW Thằng Joséph PERFECT HANK'S KILL A PONG! says:

    Ninja arashi (real): lose
    Ninja arashi (all fake): win

  19. First Arashi is not a KNIGHT
    Second every trash ninja games has an "Revenge" word on their game I mean bruh

  20. Ninja raiden revenge old version is copy of ninja arashi

  21. Heyy Broo i Like The Copied games more than Ninja Arashi 1 (not 2) But i like ur Videos
    So should I Give u a like or a dislike?

  22. Shadow Runner Ninja is a copy game but something is a little bit different

  23. I love ninja arachi. You. Best game. My life 😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  24. 鿅᭄ ᴋyᴀᴍɪ says:

    Ooo man iam rayyan Khan I 🥰🥰🥰

  25. 鿅᭄ ᴋyᴀᴍɪ says:

    Thanks for shout out

  26. Me: copy version will not same as Original
    Developers who copy the game :and i took that personally

    *fully copied the whole game

  27. The thing is that we don't know who copied whom😂

  28. YouTube hated the copies so much they just removed the dislike button entirely

  29. Who plays these games do not know that they play ninja arashi

  30. There's no dislike!
    Everybody hates copied games, thank God.

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