32 Kill Solo Squads!! Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay - Ninja - brownebrand.com

32 Kill Solo Squads!! Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay – Ninja

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  1. now i dont know why he is not like that anymore he is not getting that same amount of vews that he used to get i am sad for him man hope he will be the same guy who plays fn and always entertaining

  2. those time gray pump used to hid headshorts of a gold pump today

  3. Is there an original version in development?

  4. bro grey pump does 220 damage and miss tilted towers
    and:now gold pump does 203 damage

  5. hay guys can we hit the like goal….ninjas recent vid only got 200k views lmaaaaaaooooooooooo

  6. “That’s a horrible fuxking investment” .. 47 million views for 4 dollars later hahahaha

  7. ایرانی ها لایک کنن ببینیم چند نفریم

  8. Why did the algorithm wait so long to bring this one to me? 47MM views later…..

  9. I can’t even drop 20 kills. He dropping 30.

  10. Bro Ninja why did you not take the car in tilted

  11. video came out in 2018 now less then a month from 2022

  12. Ooo a free battle royale game, hopefully it doesn’t turn into a naruto Ariana grande mega collab with walking bananas

  13. Watching this now makes me think how much fun I had as a little kid

  14. Pov: you are watching this cause you are in the damn water 😂😩

  15. Good ol days.. hopefully now with chapter 3 we get the same vibes or something close to it

  16. “I need dollars dollars dollars what I need ehh ehh”

  17. Looking back to how people play now , Ninja was trash . But so was everyone else

  18. Anyone else watching this in the end of 2021😢

  19. the noises were so amazing to appreciate they were so satisfying

  20. I’ve watched this as many kills as he got

  21. Chapter 3 brings back memories
    So now the only thing i miss now is the bots

  22. Pov ur here in 2021 wishing u can go back

  23. Dam remember doing 150 headshot damage with a grey pump from 10 meters away good times. Now u hit a head shot with a purple pump for 20 Good times

  24. 220 with a grey pump, the outrage there would be today. Then again now the striker pump does 30 damage everyone’s upset. It’s impossible to get it right

  25. New idea, get rid of all shoguns other than pump and tac, only up to blue rarity’s. Make them balanced. Lit

  26. i miss the sound of the keys being pressed by ninja

  27. I miss the old times you could just have fun there were not sweaty people I wish it was the old times it was so much fun and I certainly miss the douple pump

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