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3LAU – Game Time ft. Ninja

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“Game Time” ft. Ninja from the Ninjawerks album is out now:

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  1. "If you put a scar in my hand then it's GAME TIME !"

  2. Ft NINJA! only says ITS GAME TIME. great feature

  3. Yeah i see why this was an ad. Do people still listen to this nowadays?

  4. 3lau you are one of my favorite artists when it comes to music.
    You are so talented and I might have an idea for an extremly good feature.
    I wish you would do a song featuring Illenium.
    This would be so overwhelming and mindblowing to me! 😀

    Illenium x 3lau

    2 Legends in 1 song. ♥
    Like if you agree so hopefully he will read it.

  5. what if alan walker collab with the fortnite player ninja

  6. I hope CD Projekt Red contacts you and features your track in the game during a chase scene with cars

  7. Can you make another beat like this? This is admiring, lit!

  8. Play this on loop while playing COD Warzones man, Hype!!

  9. This song is really amazing and make my blood pump harder and I just won a game of fortnite

  10. Its like a sound of a reaper from call of duty

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