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3LAU, Ninja – Game Time

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3LAU, Ninja – Game Time [Fortnite Song]
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Ninja is releasing a massive compilation of 12 songs with artists that he loves. This week includes Alesso, Tycho, and this upload of 3LAU featuring Ninja’s own voice when he says “Game Time”. I really love this song and can’t wait to support more songs off the comp “Ninjawerks”. Hope you all enjoy. 🙂

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  1. This helped me when I m playing games like Roblox arsenal or fornite

  2. I WISH YOU GET 100000 0000000 000000 000000 LIKES!

  3. Can someone recommend same kind of music like techno like this

  4. premiered on 29 november 2018 me : hey that's my birthday wow

  5. Fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💥💥💥💥💥💥

  6. @3LAU yo bro can i use its game time part for my intro??

  7. um I just played this and uh a guy with blue hair named tyler spawned in front of me saying red bull gives you wings.

  8. Can someone tell me what electronic gender is this??? Pliss

  9. hey bro can i use your Music in my montage video??? i give you credit

  10. This is the type of song to make you tell your teacher to do your homework

  11. Waiting on my stimulus check listening to this 🔥

  12. My headset caught on fire listening to this!

  13. If I play this on my stream it may cause me copyright?

  14. I may not be a ninja, but this Samurai loves ninja's intro!

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