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5 Awesome Overshadowed NES Games

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When you think of the NES, you think of a lot of bad games thanks to The Nerd, but I wanted to take a little time to look at some of the really good ones today that people don’t talk about and are worth playing! Video by James and Mike.

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  1. Thank god Mike Matei played these games within the last few months and still shadows for this channel. Does James even play games anymore? lmao

  2. Great video, James. More videos like this for other consoles would be great. I always like to hear about hidden gems I missed out on back in the day.

  3. Trog. Any old school NES player will know about Trog.

  4. The Guardian Legend is the best underrated NES game Imo.

  5. You forgot to mention princess Daisy from the live action Super Mario Brothers movie with Bob Hoskins & John Leguizamo. That's another different princess than Peach, being Luigi's potential girlfriend. Bob Hoskins actually hated playing as Mario though.

  6. Rockin' Kats is one of my go-to casual play games. If I'm in the mood for some NES, I'll always return to it.

  7. Mr. Gimmick! Great video, Lord Jamesly of Rolfe!

  8. I gotta give another vote to Blaster Master. Graphics, sound, control… Everything about the game is top tier.

  9. I really enjoyed “Code Name: Viper” as a kid.

  10. World Runner 3-D. If you can find it. Thank you for this. Cheers.

  11. Rockin Kats was seriously awesome. I actually had it as a kid and beat it several times, it was one of my favorites.

  12. Blades of steel was one I loved that I thought was a great two player game.

  13. Crash N the Boyz street challenge is one that's misunderstood it just takes practice and the right items for the right events and Rainbow Islands on the nes are overshadowed/Underrated

  14. i would love to see more videos like this. thankyou!

  15. Dr jekyll and mr hyde was the best nes game to date.

  16. love DT1 and never heared of DT2 until today. now I want to play it :/ thanks for sharing

  17. Marble Madness or even that River City-like game where they are involved in an epic Race all over Tokyo.
    (They even race into people's houses and the background involves the residents being confused at what is going on)

    Those games on the NES/Famicom are well worth a play.

  18. You can create espidoes about underrated SNES and Genesis games

  19. You missed The Guardian Legend. It is a Sci-fi Legend of Zelda that is very addicting to play. SImilar to VICE, it starts with a vertical space shooter, then it becomes a top-view labyrinth-style exploration game. It's a very cool game and is considered a hidden gem in the NES library.

  20. i played almost everyone of these games and i agree…pretty underrated stuff

  21. Regular James is a fine James.

  22. Honkai StarRail is literally just Genshin Impact with a new skin and slightly tweaked story.

  23. Snake rattle and Roll is one is really weird, but really funny too.
    Other I like a lot is Solstice. But this is a really hard game, full of misdirections inside the maze.

  24. Low-G Man, graphics were kind of bad but gameplay was pretty cool, you fight machines with a staff and if you hit them right you can take them over and ride them

  25. Wooo… whoah… wow. That arcade version of RollerGames could really f*ck up your eyesight. Ô_o

  26. GI Joe Never gets mentioned in these hidden gem style NES videos. It's a shame because that is one of the deepest games on the NES and has such great replay value.

  27. Rockin' Kats has a real dynamite headdy vibe

  28. Rocking Cats has a hard lvl after credits, where they take all your upgrades. And its kinda hard, cause you need to know the way of the boxing glove.

  29. uhm… those NES shelves are really bending there James.

  30. The Lolo trilogy, Gyrus, and Super Dodgeball are all great

  31. nice games ! .. about Overshadowed games
    Captain Tsubasa Vol. II: Super Striker .. is so Overshadowed and needs some love

  32. This reeks of something screen wave wrote for you…

  33. My go-to overlooked NES game is definitely Astyanax. Great music, simple fantasy story, a little difficult but not too much.

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