5 Hooking Ninja Games for Kids

5 Hooking Ninja Games for Kids

Ninja Games for Kids

The minimum or no violence at all. Simple gameplay. Bright graphics. Free content. These are the basic features that make this list of ninja games for kids attractive. They are all browser-based, which means you can enjoy the journeys online. Scroll down to finally get their names!

The Best Picks to Try

Ninja Treasure Match 3

Ninja Treasure Match 3

Connect 3+ gems on a black grid. Unlike in similar logic-driven adventures, use your sword to carve them out! The longer the chain, the more points and extra seconds you get. Enjoy nice visuals and sound effects that follow each move you make.

Among the Coolest Ninja Games for Kids: Kirigami


Ready to cut the reality with your katana and wield it as you please? Use your magic weapon to slash the picture, move platforms and get to the shuriken. Train your logic in 19 levels and get to the last “boss” one. Check out the walkthrough if you feel stuck: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1RmiIKxBSE

Among Them: Ninja

Among Them Ninja

What happens to traitors when they are thrown into space? It’s a cold and painful death. Luckily, they have you as their “savior”. Cut them into pieces with your katana. Just remember: your weapon is useless against bombs. In fact, the deed will blow you up! Mind the timer and earn scores for long combos.

Cyberpunk Ninja Runner

Cyberpunk Ninja Runner

Set in the neon lights, the title challenges your reaction skills. Dash forward across roofs, dodge obstacles, and earn chips for speed. With over 15 levels to complete, you’ll deal with different routes. Watch this and get inspired to play: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9r2Up_o4uUg.

Ninja Run: Fun Endless Game

Ninja Run

Designed with a minimalistic approach, the adventure sets only 1 goal. Stay in the session as long as you can! For this, avoid holes, sharp spears, and other threats. You have only 3 HP, so be careful where you step. Don’t forget to grab stars on your way.

Seeking for the Challenge

Feel free to dive into ninja games for kids without hesitation. You won’t have to pay for the browser content. And don’t worry, it’s not that easy to complete them all! They’ll last and entertain you for a long time! Do you like shooting games? Visit the website here to take part in the shell shockers game.