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6 games that copied Ninja Arashi and Ninja Arashi 2

Quarantine Gaming
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Ninja arashi and ninja arashi 2 game lookalikes.There are many games in playstore which look the same as ninja arashi 2 and ninja arashi.Ninja arashi games and ninja arashi 2 adventure games are easy to find in playstore.But ninja arashi 2 platform adventure games are not good such as the original ones.Ninja arashi 2 is the best ninja action platform adventure game of all time.No games will be as good as ninja arashi 2 platform adventure game, as it seems now.


  1. Love you bro 💙 love from India ❤️😘

  2. Ninja arashi copies: do you want do you want copie copie copie
    Me: no

  3. All of these games are at least 90% copied from Ninja Arashi. Didn't even bother to download this because its repeated and worse quality.

  4. Night dark shadow ninja is fully copied of ninja arashi 😂

  5. Hi like your playing I am Adhidev and I want to play like you but I am an Indian this is love from India ❤️

  6. Pls ninja arashi 2 video😁😁😁😁🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  7. Hey so will challenges comes in this month ?

  8. When u realize dat the game u completed was just a copy…

  9. These are completely copied of ninja arashi not ninja arashi 2

  10. i hope act 4 comes soon pls make a vid about it i learned all my skills from you 🙂

  11. Arashi, Hamashi and Orashi ( The pirate from "Arr! Pirate arcade game")!! 🤔😏💁‍♀️

  12. I was thinking that only ARR PIRATE ARCADE copied NINJA ARASHI but there are more doppelganger!!😄 🤣 😂 😆 😄

    NINJA ARASHI SERIES is not a game only, it has become a brand now due to its popularity!!

    AWESOME GAME 🎮 👏 👌

  13. Way black Panther studios can't copyright to these games*?

  14. If you are not cool like others it means they are not hot like you
    Moral:you are great don't copy others😎

  15. Hello Quarantine ! Really cool ur videos on Arashi 👌
    I think Act 4 of Arashi 2 is not for not nexts weeks but what about the "Challenges" ? and why developpers are so long ath this point for juste bring challenges, it need 10 000 hours for that … ? It's completlty surrealist after 1 Year to put that on the menu and do nothing …
    U said in a video some months agos it was really soon, have you informations ?

  16. To be honest I hate it when other games copy the original game.
    Look at ninja arshi and ninja warrior.
    Ninja arshi is only 50 million and
    Ninja warrior is 100 million.and ninja arshi is the original one.🙃🙃

  17. Una ves mas tus videos me alegran ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😄❤❤❤

  18. Legends say were still waiting for ninja arashi 2 act 4

  19. They are differently copying ninja arashi

  20. The devs are SOOOO lazy to uodate ninja arashi 2

  21. "Orochi has broken away from BPG and kidnapped your copyright. You must find him."

  22. Semua gamenya smaa seperti ninja arashi dasar peniru

  23. Thx, I will play those games until come the update of ninja arashi 2

  24. Even the bg music is copied. Anyways. I just finished ninja arashi 1 and 2 in four days. Its such a good game i couldn't stop playing. Now waiting like ithers for act 4. Also could anyone tell me if arashi is copied too? Cause it was released in 2017 and the part 2 in 2020. And there are games like ninja arashi which were released way before 2017. So is arashi a copy too?

  25. They should have ninja arashi 2 copy games because samurai assassin lost his wife after defeating fujin and other games who lost their son or wife we cant let that happend we must save them

  26. Yes 😑 but ninja Arashi is the best 😎💜

  27. Wow there's some that's literally copy look for look, doesn't even try to change anything 😄

  28. You forgot about "Ninja warrior: Legend of adventure games", it has same stuff but edited levels.

  29. Samurai assassin ke naam k das games hai… Developer ka naam boldo pls

  30. I swear your clips are one of the best ninja arashi clips I've ever seen😍😍

  31. I bet the creator's of the games are like

    Danm I need to think of a game hmmmmmmmmmm oh! I know a ninga arashi copy

    Hahahahaahhahahahahahahhaha no one will know-
    Everyone knows


    OK keep it up

  32. The 1st one was all copied also music and voice

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