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6 games that copied Ninja Arashi and Ninja Arashi 2

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Ninja arashi and ninja arashi 2 game lookalikes.There are many games in playstore which look the same as ninja arashi 2 and ninja arashi.Ninja arashi games and ninja arashi 2 adventure games are easy to find in playstore.But ninja arashi 2 platform adventure games are not good such as the original ones.Ninja arashi 2 is the best ninja action platform adventure game of all time.No games will be as good as ninja arashi 2 platform adventure game, as it seems now.


  1. 😂all the games were just remodeld ninja arashi some were so shameless that they just copy paste the whole game and claim it theirs

  2. ভালো লাগলো ভিডিও ❤

  3. These comments are years ago still no ninja arashi act 4

  4. Cómo se llama el primer juego

  5. Number 4 ninja shadow battle 2021 has so many bugs if you finish a level you have to stop the game and start it again because it's missing the next button

  6. Is ninja arashi open source 😂😂😂😂

  7. Downloaded ninja shadow battle 2021 it's got so many bugs like sticking to the ceiling And the cloud electric is square blocks

  8. Charliecharlie Charliecharliecharlie says:

    Your 1 choice samurai assassin is not on play store what website can download from

  9. Playstore should add copyright strike feature and these games should be banned. 😡

  10. Actually act 4 was realeased after 2 years ago

  11. Ultra legend are waiting till now for the last few stages and boss fight

  12. You said that some games copied ninja aarashi 2 but it was ONLY ninja arashi 1

  13. That text looks like from ninja arashi

  14. these games more like different mods for ninja arashi, some have rl impressive theme

  15. The second game that Don't copy ninja arashi 1 or 2 actually that copy last ninja 🤣🤣🤣

  16. Man that games of ninja arashi’s copied game and the my favourite music of ninja arashi has copied too 😡😡😡

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