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9 Insane Details in Naruto Storm Games! (storm 1 to 4)

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9 insane details found in naruto storm games 1,2,3,4


  1. These are details everyone knew about if you been playing this game franchise for years

  2. this is why kishimoto made guy on a mission outside during pain invasion😂

  3. I feel like ive never found someone making a video about some detail in naruto game.. this is good best..

  4. his name is "hiruzen", not saratobi. that's just his last name

  5. Been seeing some videos over the last few months of little details in the dbz budokai and budokai tenkaichi series. And for me, I always equated ultimate ninja with budokai and Storm, with tenkaichi. So I'm happy to see these games had little details I mightve missed over the years.

  6. Well I mean guy being able to counter A.P is a easy feat his being space and and moving faster than the speed of light

  7. Night guy warps space so it’s a great attention to detail

  8. One you missed if you use young Hinata's Ultimate on young Naruto when she lands on him she goes all red and embarrassed

  9. In storm 4 of you were to walk on water it will add a little chakra affect

  10. The reason guy can go through almighty push is stated by Madara. He bends space using the technique, which is kind of how almighty push works. Almighty push is reversing gravity around you to push everything away. Your own mass works against you, but with the 8th gate Guy hits so hard he is warping space around him, cancelling it out. Basically, he is hitting so hard that he is more powerful than pain's ability to reverse gravity (at least with that basic version of the attack). It's like a super rocket having its own gravity that overrides pains gravitational push. So, 8th gate Guy is stronger than Pains gravity bubble 😀 So in theory getting hit by 8th gate feels like getting beat by a even more powerful almighty push!

  11. Will naruto could easily break it plus umm English dub

  12. 8:02 In Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3 story mode Five Kage summit Sasuke ultimate jutsu is Kirin rather than the Susanoo before the cutscene shows his susanoo form then it it that ultimate jutsu.

    Also will you be doing Naruto Ultimate Ninja series.? One for that was when you stand on water you’re chakra decreases to show that the characters are using chakra control on it.

  13. i always appreciated that the storm 1 itachi awakening put you into the tsukyomi dimension and it slows down time for everything but itachi

  14. Young Hinata's ultimate against young Naruto and Kushina's ultimate against Minato also have a special ending.

  15. I thought inferno style flame control got through almighty push

  16. Quick Tip: Try Countering an Almighty Push and it’ll actually go through you instead getting hit by it

  17. Why yall keep say night guy it might guy

  18. Crazy that almighty push is his strongest and not chibaku tensai

  19. Chiyo was more of an anti-poison character than a poisonous assassin like her grandson.

  20. I wonder what adult neji can do with his awakening

  21. In storm 1, if you enter awakened form with Kabuto, he'll regenerate health for the duration of the form and after a while you can re-enter the form regardless your amount of health.

  22. There's only 3 Things that Stops Night Guy, Madara Rikudou Awakening Jutsu, Momoshiki's Tilt & Itachi's Susanoo Tilt, Yata's Mirror.

  23. A pity that with the passing of the games, it ends up losing many cool details. One thing I noticed and that bothers me is that in Naruto Storm 1, 2 and Generations , the jutsu were made right there, realistically and quickly.. over time, they began to exaggerate, even the scenery changes, giant explosions in the form of cinematics, some even with very long videos…Thus leaving the fights less dynamic. Naruto Sanin for example, the only video in the supreme Justsu is the explosion of the RasenShuriken, Sasuke only lowers his arm when using the Kirin

  24. seeing as 8th gate gai would solo the akatsuki sounds about right

  25. Loved storm 1 all the details being removed make the other games Inferior in many ways. From the bigger jutsus like fireball to jiraiya's bring down the house summoning jutsu. Chidori was also very fast unlike the games following it. Sigh.

  26. I really do miss the character's custom items. Guard break replaced them

  27. Btw stages affecting jutsus can be turned off and is turned off in ranked by default.

  28. Sasori's awakening form was so op back then in NUNS 2

  29. In storm 1 if Hinata uses her ultimate on Naruto she blushes and runs as she realizes she's on top of him
    There's also a skin of Naruto in his pj's and when you use his ultimate you can see the shadow clones are asleep

  30. If you commentate over these a lot more lazy people would tune in💯

  31. storm 1 had the best ultimate animations
    too bad they made em shorter and less flashy cuz of online play

  32. Kushina also has a special cutscene with Minato

  33. Ok the last one guy definitely should be able to break the wall he literally kicked a truth seeker orb and they can obliterate anything

  34. There are quite a few attacks that can bypass or clash with Almighty Push. Sasuke's Kirin, Kakashi's Kamui, Yamato's Ultimate and I think Scientific Ninja Tool Boruto's tilt attack (the lightning one specifically) to name a few.

    Also, Water-style jutsus are also powered-up on water in STORM 4.

    A few more details:
    PTS Naruto's Armor Break causes a hole to appear in his jacket, just like after Sasuke lands a chidori on him at Valley of the End.

    Like Karin, PTS Hinata has a unique Ultimate Jutsu animation vs PTS Naruto. Same with Kushina and Minato.

    Despite side combos being removed in Generations, Naruto's Kyuubi Chakra Mode (KCM1) awakening still had a fourth side combo in STORM Generations and 3. On top of this, KCM Naruto had multiple air combos (neutral/down/side/up, just like ground combos) and is the only character in the series to have more than one air combo.

    Itachi's Susano'o (Not Perfect Susano'o – the base Susano'o) is the only giant awakening to have more than one ground combo (he has an up combo).

    Tobi and Rock Lee have unique animations that most players don't notice in normal gameplay.
    Tobi has two. First, if you ninja-move forward twice, tobi will do a forward roll. If you stop ninja-moving after this and don't do anything else, tobi will strike a pose. Unfortunately I don't remember the EXACT attack that causes the second one, but during one of his attack animations, if you stop attacking, Tobi will strike another pose and a sparkle sound effect will play.
    Rock Lee has one, and is the only character in the series to have a missable animation that can deal damage. During his down combo, Rock Lee will spin on his hand to perform several kicks. If you don't input the next attack, Rock lee will dismount from his handstand, causing very minor damage as he flips in the air.

    If you press the Chakra button in mid-air, most characters will bounce upwards very slightly. If you do this at the right time with Tobi, he will glide significantly higher in the air. This only happens if you jump whilst moving, causing Tobi to use his Akatsuki cloak as make-shift wings.

    When at low health, some characters will change their facial expression. If I remember correctly, PTS Rock Lee's eye becomes swollen too.

    And finally, a few details about Guy's STORM 1 ultimate jutsu, which I believe is the most interesting ultimate from a mechanical standpoint:
    1. Pretty sure it does the most damage on miss, since you still get all but the last hit.
    2. funny cossack dance xd
    3. It's the only ultimate that fails as a result of the character performing the jutsu, as opposed to the victim avoiding it.
    4. Guy actually only visibly does 32 pushups, going frame-by-frame.
    5. The hit counter used in the ultimate is of course not the actual mechanic hitcounter the engine uses, hence why it shows 99 hits even though there was actually only 32 hits. Additionally, regardless of your system language, the fake hit counter will always be in Japanese.
    6. At the end, the opponent looks bewildered and I would be too if a grown man with a bowlcut in green spandex just gave me 99 (or even just 32) aggressive smooches to my butthole before dancing away whilst crying.

  35. And still no one knows what haku mirror 🪞 do

  36. I wish they kept that awakening ending dialogue after winning

  37. Guy fought a GOD MODE Madara while all shinobi including the 5 Kages cant 🤣 he also SOLO'd Madara, if it wasnt for his God mode shit, he couldved killed Madara on his Normal mode

  38. The one details that comes to mind is back in Narutimate Hero 2, Kabuto and Tsunade were able to heal themselves

  39. ninja storms is one of my fav games but ngl the only reason I prob play this game is just to see all the ultimates and I'm done 😂

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