Adley & Jenny's FiRST ViDSUMMiT!! new friends Payton and Nastya! family travel day & ninja jump park -

Adley & Jenny’s FiRST ViDSUMMiT!! new friends Payton and Nastya! family travel day & ninja jump park

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10 YEARS of our creator conference VidSummit!!
what an amazing accomplishment and it’s gonna be the best year ever!!!!


Best New Friends Day Ever 1345

We are at the airport and today is a little different our normal travel routine day. Instead of a surprise family vacation to Disneyland or a water park, we are off to Vidsummit down in Texas! This is a conference for creators that we are partners in with our buddies Mr. Beast and Derral Eves. We are so excited to see some old homies and meet new ones. Adley is pumped because this is her second year going and the first time she is going to be there for the full event! After next years birthdays, Niko Bear will be there too.

Our plane got a little delayed so while we wait, Adley and I pretend play that she is a horse, like Spirit and we need to help her learn to be a good horse that people can ride on. We tort around the airport, going on the moving sidewalks and having fun while we wait. After the family fun, we head back to our gate where Adley shows off her arts and craft skills by showing us all some of the pictures she has drawn on her ipad. We then have a Dad vs Kid gymastics contest to see who can do a handstand on a chair in the airport. It’s crazy how strong and flexable Adley is. Our plane is all ready for us and we keep our tradition alive of being the last ones on the plane!

We are in Texas, at a hotel right next to the conference center we are going to be at tomorrow for Vidsummit. We head up to our room and after a quick tour, it time for bed. I help Adley make little beds for all her dolls and we all drift off to sleep. First thing we do in the morning is get ready then then wake up our dolls so that we can keep playing with them. After everyone is all dressed, Adley puts her Barbies in my pocket and we walk over to Vidsummit to check it out. We are still setting everything up but its looks amazing! We have an amazing backdrop with the rainbow ghosts on it and our family from the Spacestation Animation cartoons. Our apps team is here with computers set up so you can play Adley’s Playspace or Pirate Island Roblox! oh man, its so good!

While we are eating breakfast we see a giant chess set and decide to go play it. While we are playing we run into Nastya and her family. You’ve probably heard of them, they have their own channel –. Adley and Nastya have lots of fun and laughs playing chess, when they are done we find a white board and spend some time hanging out and drawing. We got invited to check out the Ninja Kidz Action Park so we invite Nastya and her family to join us and we head over there! and of course they have an amazing channel too —

This place is amazing, they have trampolines, slides, an obby, and a foam pit along with tons of other things we love! Ashton and Payton meet us as we come in help us quickly jump into the action. The take us to the banana slide where you go down on a mat and land in an airbag! It’s super fun and Adley can’t stop going down it. One time down she does a front flip and its amazing!! Next Adley and I try and race on an obstacle course but its kinda tricky so we end up teaming up to help each other. We jump and do tricks on the trampoline. Payton shows Adley and Nastya how to do a trapeze bar swing onto a giant bullseye. The girls have fun jumping, doing tricks, and sliding slides. It’s so much fun!

After hanging out at the Action Park for a little while longer, we head back to Vidsummit where there is an amazing party going on. Tons of our friends like Levi and Bird are having a dance party, Holladay and Trav are meeting new people, and there are just tons of people hanging out and having an amazing time! A Best Day Ever for sure!!

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