American Ninja Warrior - Without the Fluff - Now 38% the Size -

American Ninja Warrior – Without the Fluff – Now 38% the Size

The Gord
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Without the Fluff

My name is Gordon, and I like game shows. What I don’t always like is fluff. I’m more here for the game in game shows.

This is an approximation on what I considered a full episode, with the rest being fluff. Stay tuned for the data analysis at the end.

Today we Chop American Ninja Warrior. It’s a fun game show where you perform.

Hosted by: Matt Iseman, Akbar Gbajabiamila are the hosts?

I believe that a game show should have more game than show. It’s like the listed ingredients, the biggest comes first. That’s also the way some game shows are won, the biggest comes first.

I’ve run into a bit of a problem where there is a bit more show than game. Sometimes there is way more show than game. So what does a game show look like without the show part? What does it look like… Without The Fluff.

The goal of the videos is to show evidence of the game portion of a show.

I’ve put a timer in the bottom right hand corner. This shows where cuts have been made.

We have a time calculator as well, so we can show facts like
– How much time was removed.
– What was the size of the game
– Compression
– How many moments were removed

If a game show has more game in it than show, they get award a symbolic trophy.

If not they get labeled as… Show Games.

They’re great too, we’re just trying to categorize things properly.

So let’s find out together more about game shows.

Let’s see them… Without The Fluff


  1. This one took a very long time. Sorry about the wait!

  2. i remember in the 'original' ninja warrior, the japanese version or Sasuke. I don't remember how much filler they ever had. But I know the american version has so much in comparison.

  3. But now how will I know which contestant had a dad who got a flat tire, and needs a fingernail transplant?

  4. Can you remove the incoherent screeching

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