Another AAA Game Disaster.. -

Another AAA Game Disaster..

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Asmongold Clips / Asmongold Reacts To: Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II terrible numbers and very short runtime has players up in arms

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  1. I mean its on game pass so alot of people probs sore how short the first game was and decided to just play it free on that rather than pay full price for it.

  2. that much for that short of a game… I'd play it all in one sitting? lol…

  3. Its so odd because people hyping up Hellblade were everywhere. Was it just the same people on different YouTube channels?? Lmao. The first game sold badly so why they made a second game is baffling. The combat from looking at videos of the first game is dreadful.

  4. Saw that. Looks like garbage. Could be $5 and I wouldnt waste the money.

  5. When I know its a AAA game, my expectations and faith in the game and its developer goes to about a -6 out of 10 based on the last two years of history of AAA games released.

  6. AAA game aka overpriced game because the developer is trying to break even on the stupid amount of money they put into what is dogshit.

  7. The other week, I went to see Dune 2 and got myself a small (half liter, lol) coke and a large serving of nachos with salsa dip. I felt I should treat myself. That was cheaper per hour than this game is. Let that sink in.

  8. If I saw a game for that price was going to be 9 hours I sill wouldn't buy it. Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit. Every game should aim for 15 hours minimum and I only bought that game because it was cheap and really good (Dredge). If GTA 6 came out and it was less than 20 hours Rockstar would get there shit pushed in. This whole short game bullshit is from the same people who play Hellblade a very small vocal minority of troglodytes who want devs to fuck us over and put in the bare minimum of effort.

  9. 4 Hours more than a CoD campaign and is Single-player Ain't no way!! Actual SCAM!!

  10. Making games isn't hard, being a first responder is hard.

  11. I prefer games being 5 hours long over 15. No every game needs to be spread out or an RPG.

  12. Man Asmon has a lot of bad takes in the past month, but this is a very bad take since why is this considerd as a AAA game? The budget is around 40-50 Million € which is a quater of CoD or TloU2 which are AAA games.
    Then the next bad take, the steam player count, for a game that is available on xbox and a solo game (steam metrics does not account offline or private steam profiles), so that metric from steam is wonky at best.
    And after that he comes up with the next hot take, that games journalism is dead and nobody cares about, yeah in the US where noone around the world cares about anything those dipshits write. While in germany the games press is still considerd quite good, since a lot of us grew up with magazines like GameStar and PC Games. Oh and Hellblade is definetly aimed at the european market, since of it's story, historical narrative and overal gameplay.

    So no, Ninja Theory won't be closed by Microsoft, since they made some very good games in the past 15 years for a small budget and yes i even consider Hellblade 2 as a small budget game, compared to the production cost of Spider Man 2, Division 2, Assasin Creed(s), CoD(s), Battlefields, TloU2 etc.

  13. the game performance compared to the first release has gone back in quality , the combat was flawless in the 2017 game now its just broken geting interrupted with premade meaningless video scenes that ruins it completly ,and the game story is way to short..

  14. I'd rather get a 5h game where 100% of the content is engaging than a 100h game that's 95% pointless tasks, even if I have to pay 50$ for it.

  15. Ubisoft sees this, proceeds to make their games 200+ hours long

  16. I didn’t know Jojo Siwa was in a game. 😂

    How did the first game get a sequel?

  17. I'm still salty for what they did to dmc and how they behaved following that. Would be pretty happy if ninja theory shut down. They have quite the horrible attitude with a few underdog releases

  18. Roughly 9 hours? Original Xbox games have a longer story runtime than that. Pathetic

  19. Gameplay is more important than graphics.

  20. That obit they posted is almost as pretentious as the “game” itself.

  21. I have never liked storyline games. Except Tomba and jersey devil and pokemon. But modern day, mmos and rpgs and openworld games. Everything else to me is trash. Idk how people play monster hunter and god of war and shite like that. Its so funneled. Its steering you down a path what they want you to see. Lame. Id watch a movie if i wanted that. Call me crazy, but dont call me late for dinner.

  22. It sucks this original game was AMAZING. I'm so sick of the entire gaming world flopping.

  23. the girl boss is kind of tiresome. this 90 pound chick supposed to kill 300 pound viking warriors ok sure

  24. Bring in new players? Not on PlayStation 5 lol

  25. Thanks to FromSoftware, there are still amazing games in the industry.

  26. This is the biggest GOTY contender so far. Wonderful visuals, sound design, music. Gameplay is minimalistic but not annoying. It is an ASMR for eyes and ears.

  27. These companies, man. They all chase the wrong numbers. They care about review scores and ESG numbers. People who buy and play your game are the only ones that matter. This is why the industry is closing everything down. The things that matter the most to them are all wrong.

  28. Gamers: "Videogames are art"

    Also gamers: "I want exactly that much value for my money investment, if it doesn't provide it, then it's trash"

  29. Just admit that you hate Xbox gremlin. Did you even touch the game?

  30. Take us on a journey they say. 5 hours… that's barely a trip.

  31. It's hard to make a longer game when it's that cinematic. I can't really fault the studio on this one. This is also been the case for a lot of other games in the past. Ryse Son of Rome for instance was short AF. It's just kind of how games like this go.

  32. They should have decreased the cost. Too high price

  33. Depending on how the refund system goes, I guess you can play and finish the entire game and be able to refund it.

  34. what on earth are you smoking, this shit is goty material, been playing for 2 days and i cant stop. Didnt think it would be so soon to see a level design comparable to Control's Ashtray Maze, but this game's last encounter with the first ehm, Big BossTM, is purely epic.

  35. Well, could be worse. They could have race swapped her character like Remedy did with Alan Woke II’ Saga character.

  36. well I think most are playing it in the gamepass as well

  37. Yeah, there goes another studio, this should cost 39.99$ at most

  38. The first one sucked idk how a second even got greenlit should've just made it a movie

  39. Less than 5 hours, 70 dollarydoos plus government tax….

  40. you are clown ps fanboy you didn't say nothing about spiderman miles morales 5 hour game ratchet and clank 5 hour and hitman 5 hour resedent evil 7 5 hour game Where is your anger or are you just negative because it is an Xbox game? The game is amazing and a masterpiece. I don't care about the opinion of the haters. You are a disgrace to the gaming community because you are biased towards PlayStation. Damn you all, hypocritical press.

  41. $50 for 5 hours of Gameplay.

    Also anyone who says IGN liked it doesn't know IGN have lied through the teeth for years. IGN is not a reputable source for a review,

  42. Just don't play games with female protags. 90% of the time it's a trash game

  43. This is not a AAA game but has the quality of one. Ninja Theory is an Indie developer. Play Hellblade on hard mode. It took me a lot more than 5hrs. Xbox prompted the game a lot. It was all over their social media all the time. It is definitely not a game for everyone though. It is not your typical popular game. I see so many playthroughs of 5hrs where game play is sped up or they are just running through and not taking time to explore and listen to the lore etc. which is how the game is meant to run. You take your time through it. Not every game has to be 20-50hrs minimum of game play. It is nice to have a high quality game, story, writing and graphics for a very intense game about a very intense issue for 5-8hrs. With how you play and what you experience I would not like a 20hrs Hellblade experience. It would be overwhelming and way too much.

  44. This game has too much cinematics and too little gameplay

  45. Gamers: "we want shorter lenght games but with more quality so they may be worth our money"

    Also gamers: "this game is too short huh, i ain't paying for this."

  46. Sad that a game that looks this amazing is soo boring

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