Apex Legends Wins the Best Multiplayer Game Award Presented by Ninja - brownebrand.com

Apex Legends Wins the Best Multiplayer Game Award Presented by Ninja

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  1. Lol call of duty truly didnt deserve it because of how bad it Is right now.

  2. Batman The World's Greatest Detective says:

    Glad apex won. Definitely best shooter and multiplayer game of the year

  3. this sker have no shet to deal with apex and he just got paid to play it then why tf is he representing this ?

  4. Ninja was also revealed As The Ice Cream in Season 2 of The Masked Singer!🍦

  5. This game does not deserve this award but I can see why it won though as the line up was terrible!

  6. Everyone went silent when CoD showed up. Not surprised 😂

  7. LmfAo, Tetris had more cheers than COD. Should listen, infinity ward. Smh. Self sabotage

  8. When u like Apex but not Ninja. Um shall I like or dislike..

  9. They should have played the champions theme while walking up to the stage.

  10. Got soooo freaking happy when they won this award! Respawn deserves it! I love this game so much! Long live Apex Legends!

  11. 😂😂😂😂 Tetris 99 was nominated?

  12. 1:23 Doug Bowser shaking the Apex dev's hand….

    APeX cOnFirMeD fOr sMaSh.

  13. I am legit so happy they won I’ve been playing it since release date but missed a season and me and my friends have been getting back into playing and are actually doing really well seeming as I went up 1,000 kills in a month and 2 weeks

  14. Lmao so everyone just gonna forget anthem even existed ?

  15. You hear a boom and bang "there is a new kill leader" "________"

  16. The anounce said in the start *the most viewed streamer alive * so dead streamers have more views than ninja rest in peace all dead streamers

  17. How? Wtf? When? WHATS GOING ON?
    apex dont need this ,is a cool game realy but i guess dont need a game oscar

  18. Not gonna lie, respawn should have left ea and literally go solo on this good shit

  19. 1:18 did anyone else see the salt in ninjas eye when he announced apex

  20. Ninja when he nomilazed Apex legendds and not Fortnite:oFFF


  22. Respawn could literally shit talk to ninja infront of everyone since ninja already did. Like those celebrities who shit talk to other when they got their award

  23. “the f*ck you say too me you little shit”

  24. Well, I am here because the server is down AGAIN

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