Aragami Gameplay - 20 Mins of Tenchu, Mark of the Ninja-inspired Stealth Game -

Aragami Gameplay – 20 Mins of Tenchu, Mark of the Ninja-inspired Stealth Game

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Take a look at the first three missions from Lince Works’ stylish stealth action game Aragami, in which you control the shadows.

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  1. I love this game. I'm a big Technu fan and this feels like a spiritual successor to it. I hope they make a series out of it.

  2. This is a mix of zelda and tenchu. great game. love it. nice soundtrack too

  3. Omg Path of shad…. cof cof cof i mean aragami 😀

  4. not to be hars,but this ninja have way too many supernatural skills,sure in tenchu you have some,but what appealing in tenchu game is because its a traditional ninja,who use tools and shit,this more like "your typical modern assasins game",

  5. I can see mark of the ninja's influence. Yes, this could be a very good game. (I just hope the guards are more perceptive in the final version).


  7. its looking nice but like ppl say could be too easy

  8. gameplay looks like a total ripoff of dishonored….not necessarily a bad thing

  9. Where is Rikimaru and his badass Ninjato,Shurikens

  10. I really miss tenchu, that game was part of my childhood

  11. Anyone wanna play with me, i live in europe, can play when its not school

  12. stop skipping the fucking dialog and let it run smoothlly

  13. I don't know why, but I was reminded of Mark of Kri on the PS2 while watching one the scenes with the crow or raven in the video. I wish they would do an HD remake of that game for modern systems and the PC.

  14. I didn't like it, I mean it looks good but I'm looking for a serious ninja game, like the PS2 Shinobido. Just a cool ninja game in feudal Japan with no magical stuff.

  15. It's fucked up nobody makes good ninja stealth games anymore.

  16. is it just me or is the sound way ahead of the visual

  17. This game remind me of assassins creed?

  18. This game looks so last generation…boring and generic….They need to hire Hideo Kojima to do a proper ninja stealth game or maybe even Ubisoft since Sam Fisher is pretty much a ninja anyways

  19. this game so much cooler and better than this tenchu bullshit.

  20. Deadpool Fortress 2. The camera shaking after every kill is a bug or was intended to be like that? The sound is out of sync. Blah blah blah…

  21. This is so wack common people! This is not even a ninja is just some weird spitit , that cape sucks , the cartoon graphics sucks , the stealth kills sucks and there is no creativity on this


  23. This game seem me ! those guards are blind as bats.

  24. It's great to know that there's so many tenchu fans

  25. No cinematic stealth kill, sad… they should go back to Tenchu 1 and 2 for reference.

  26. Ummm yeah just make another tenchu game and bring back the bald guy with the darts ….seriously we are waiting

  27. "hayaii!!!"
    subs – did you know that hedgehog doesn't go that fast, but you're different you're fast!!!

    "anata wa, dare?"
    subs – I can't remember who I am, I was… and he…. you was there! who are you? what am I?

    Japanese language is like that huh? like how a picture tells a thousand word?

  28. Strike one: No actual character dialog.. I.e. actors for dialog. No voice actors…
    It might be to soon to tell, but what about changing your characters look/dress?
    Lastly, why can't we just get a Tenchu game?! So many remakes, but none for Tenchu?? Classic greatness that could be enhance, capitalized on, very well put together, with story, characters, design, the works! C'mon, "we have the technology"… ugh lol

  29. why would teaching be in the title of this game no ninja game will ever surpass tenchu they need to bring back tenchu

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