Aragami Gameplay - 20 Mins of Tenchu, Mark of the Ninja-inspired Stealth Game -

Aragami Gameplay – 20 Mins of Tenchu, Mark of the Ninja-inspired Stealth Game

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Take a look at the first three missions from Lince Works’ stylish stealth action game Aragami, in which you control the shadows.

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  1. I can see the inspiration but… the teleportation… the easy kills… atleast there was an alert when the body was found… But still this looks even easier than easy mode Tenchu.

  2. This looks absolutely incredible I can not wait to play this. Please be a physical realese copy not just a download.

  3. This even has the blink trick from dishonored! Really hope this is a great game and hopefully a real challenge. Finishing a level unseen and no bodies found etc etc. Graphics look pretty crisp aswell which is always a bonus.

  4. Missing a cover to cover system and maybe a roll or side step mechanic. But other than that I really like what I'm seeing. Defo having this

  5. what the fuck is the price man? tried psn store: not even on there for a preorder. checked steam but no price. can i just assume its going to be free?

  6. Am I the only one who feels like his wrist did a lot of things that a wrist can't do when he got the sword?

  7. Looks gorgeous and super-fun. Looks like a far better Tenchu.

  8. I have one question: Will you be able to switch camera angles so the character is on the left?

  9. omg a game that may actually work on my pc XD

  10. I really want this to be good, but the gameplay looks boring.

  11. When i saw the cover i thought it was gonna be another ninja gaiden styled game with cel shaded graphics, but seeing this just makes me nostalgic.

  12. They changed the name? I played the alpha once (it was laggy af) the name was Shadows something i don't remember

  13. i download the game i dosent work its for 64 bit only why god why i been exitieted for this game sooo much i get error why

  14. Looks interesting. Might not be the best graphic wise game. but, most of best ones ain't and it's quite cheap on PS Store and not much storage needed. so I buy it later when I get paid.

  15. Good to see a tenchu like game, but I don't like the comic style and all those teleportations.

  16. ohh how i missed stealth ninja games…tenchu..shinobido.. this one seemed promising indeed.

  17. not a big fan of DS level difficulty but this looks waaaayyyyyyy too easy…

  18. I hope this is a mobile game because otherwise it looks wack. No extra cool ninja weapons or abilities & no menu customization?! just some weak blink mechanic. Dont get your hopes up this will fail and is a disgrace to all tenchu games.

  19. Well this basicly Tenchu Shadow Assassins with Dishonored Blink abilities, but seems promising tho~.

  20. seems like it needs some ninja parkour and verticality. and more gameplay options. crouching and walking around seems easy and boring.
    really digging the visual style though.

  21. this is located in Japan or another dimension that resemble Japan?, I can't recognize the letter in stone tablets and I can't understand what are they talking about without reading the text…

  22. Tenchu game best – Aragami bad copy tenchu – Tenchu Souls Now this game is to

  23. For the love of all that is holy! When will they make a game like this that is free roam…. 😩

  24. I finished the game … and i have to say: Fucking amazing game, but… the ending confused me … A LOT…

  25. Might get this just because the main character looks like a total badass.

  26. Can u stop skiping the dialog plz it's annoying. Thank you.

  27. Please bring back original Tenchu game i miss so much this game …!!

  28. So its just regular tenchu but not hardcore enough.

  29. I love this game. I'm a big Technu fan and this feels like a spiritual successor to it. I hope they make a series out of it.

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