Asmongold gets Ninja Looted -

Asmongold gets Ninja Looted

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On this Asmongold Youtube Channel You will never quit finding all the funny Asmongold Moments with Mcconnell and best Asmongold Highlights from gameplay of the most popular MMORPGs: like Blizzard’s World of Warcraft (WoW Dragonflight & Classic WoW), Diablo Immortal and soon Diablo IV, the record breaking Final Fantasy 14 (FFXIV) and many other popular games like Elden Ring (the first open world Dark Souls game). Also Asmongold Reacts to a lot of content, especially Asmongold Reaction to Speedrun of games, but some of the most interesting creators he really likes to watch include Madseasonshow, Bellular, Internet Historian, Josh Strife Hayes, Zepla, Barny64 and many many more. Some of the most popular content from Asmon also includes his “The True Story of Asmongold” videos, Zackrawrr tree house videos, the legendary WoW Transmog Competition and Mount Off competition, Ban Appeals, Media Share streams, Reddit Recap Reactions and much more.

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  1. Why would anybody want to raid with Asmongold when he and his bestie is the only ones getting loot?

  2. im determined to ninja loot in an Asmon raid now

  3. I always say in that chat, don't trust anyone from the illidan server. Facts :/

  4. can anyone in the comments explain ninja looting? If that player got the drop its his item right? I understand why leaving the raid is a dick move to the other people who need to finish but asmon cant force the guy to hand over the ring anyway right?

  5. this is a monk trinket, warriors don't do fire dmg lol…."I NEEEEED ITTTTT"….

  6. When streamer priviliges strike back

  7. Happy to see the ninjas are alive and well

  8. Fun fact:
    The editor didn't edit his hairline in the thumbnail

  9. Did asmongold saw that thumbnail ? If yes where can i see his reaction ?

  10. about time this happened to him. serves him right.

  11. Worst feeling in the world man, I felt that one

  12. Looks like he needed that ring more than you.

  13. Asmongold is literally the worst THING, yes thing, to happen to WoW. Bitches about not receiving his BiS in every slot immediately upon release of the game. Then bitches even more when he’s got all the gear and there’s nothing left for him to do and tells the community that the game is dead and there’s no content.

  14. The loot system in wow has got to be the worst i've ever seen

  15. This is a clip to cater to 12 year old idiots who can't tell fake pain.

  16. Lmfaoooooo get fucked. Sorry man it's bound to happen at some point. You can't loot them all.

  17. Catdany if you made this thumbnail………….I applaud you sir.

  18. WHATS THE ADDON? That shows the loot rolls of everybody.

  19. Poetic Justice or just really great content. Even when this man loses he wins lol

  20. Whoever does asmongold clips thumbnails deservers an oscar

  21. Possibly the best thumbnail I've ever seen…


  23. After all why not.. Why shouldn't I keep it?

  24. Hahaha kinda serves you right lol. He prob needs kt to

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