Assassin's Creed® Unity: Parkour Gameplay -

Assassin’s Creed® Unity: Parkour Gameplay

Andy Gilleand
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I know many of you are waiting for my movie, and it will still be a while as you can see I’m still playing the game, but I wanted to upload a short video showing off the improved parkour in ACU. This is easily my favorite gameplay improvement. I also particularly love the city and the graphics.

Assassin’s Creed® Unity


  1. Damn, the graphic is so good for a game released on 2014.

  2. هاي يا جزء1 لو جزء 2

  3. This gameplay is way better than the assassin creeds movie itself

  4. In hindsight, for me Assassin's Creed Unity was the best game in the series, the only problem was that they released it with so many bugs and glitches!

  5. Pc ka he na ye bro tum khel raho ho vo

  6. Everyone is hating this game because of storyline, glitches and frame rate. And some people say that its unrealistic. For them. This is a video game. Video games are never meant to be realistic. RDR 2 was a game based on real life. But AC games are not for that shit. And they are getting pissed off at arno flying when he jumps on another thing in the air. I think the parkour is smooth asf. And combat is hard. Which should be like it in real life too.(Same goes with AC syndicate),

  7. This jumps remind me red dead redemption👽😆

  8. I wish I could do that all in real life

  9. It only took 5-7 years for other people to realize this is a good game. AC wasn't very well received at the time due to the series becoming repetitive but this one stands the test of time

  10. Game was amazing parkour was great graphics sky everything but when its release it was buggy and unoptimized i think that is why it was a bit flop

  11. Unity’s graphics and parkour were seriously unparalleled. It’s such a shame that the story was lacking and the game came out so glitchy.

  12. Every player gangsta until desynchronization takes place. 😆

  13. I like this parkour but at times it looks very weird when he suddenly jumps extremely far..

  14. Guys tell me what shoud I play first warframe,just cause 3, ac unity,re3 remake,dauntless

  15. I only have origins, odyssey and valhalla but this unity parcour looks much better

  16. This is some weird ass parkour… AC4 had better parkour than this. dafaq

    Atleast the Graphics are good.

  17. I mean, everything is great but the guy looks like he's gliding in the air everytime he jumps, man… I just can't ignore it… But everything else is awesome

  18. Unity has still got unrealistic parkour is some cases of climbing and falling.

  19. Assassin's creed valhalla and origins are my favorite

  20. How to download this game in Samsung Galaxy a10

  21. You know gravity doesn’t exist in this game

  22. No one
    Literally no one
    Assassin's creed: lock picks a house just to exit from a window

  23. I Remember watching this as a child and I have looked for this video forever

  24. Unity is so good even in story but still no one play it ☹️

  25. I cant play assassin creed unity
    So i played assassin creed 3
    Cause i think assassin creed 3 look like assassin creed unity

  26. I guess everything alongside humanity has deteriorated after 2014…And, this includes video games graphics and gameplay…

  27. If u want a classy ac experience that is up to date then unity is the way to go. The only triple a ac title that is reminiscent of the og running on roofs. For me

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