Beating EVERY Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Game in ONE SINGLE VIDEO. -

Beating EVERY Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Game in ONE SINGLE VIDEO.

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Basically Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm in minutes lol

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► Intro Song – [N/A]

► Outro Song – Harumodoki (Asterisk DnB Remix)


  1. You know what you should have done? You should have done most major boss fights with the full versions of anime opening songs playing in the bg. For instance, Haruka Kanata playing during Vs. Gamabunta, or GO!! Playing during Vs. Manda, and so on.

  2. I had to stop at 29 minutes because the rest I haven’t watched

  3. He forgot the fragment chapters of storm 2(sasuke vs killer bee)

  4. Is funny how we get the final of Naruto Shippuden in game before the anime xD

  5. Ngl, storm 2 is the best. The final battle is so fucking epic. I fucking lost it when Naruto said “I’m gonna settle this” for some reason 💀

  6. in ninja storm one theres a little paragraph at the beginning of every mission that explains what happened after the previous one. Those characters didnt actually win the fight, you just had to win the battle

  7. Watch the anime again they did not fight see came willing

  8. He didnt do the itachi and assume vs kabuto fight 🙁 , but it a great vid

  9. storm 3 was my most hatted game at the end cus i could not finish it

  10. skipped the Killer B Epilogue mission in Storm 2 tssss

  11. in the first couple mins in the video that theme music in the background what game is it from it sounds so familiar!

  12. Bruh the we don’t care about certain scenes was killing me 😂😂😂😂😂 😢. Bruh 😂😂😂😂😂 you keep choosing hero mode 😂😂😂😂😂.

  13. Why do this when you can play Naruto X Boruto, trash connections?

  14. Always thought it was weird how they skipped the Land of Waves arc in the first game.

  15. i know im only chatting this now in 2024 but heres tip i learned on the jinchuriki mission is stay very far from them and spam your big shuriken it works best on six tails.

  16. Just stop skipping cut scenes I have not watched naruto or boruto

  17. 3 years later and this video still a banger till this day i cant get over this video

  18. Bro this is just naruto storm connections 😂😂😂😂

  19. No sasuke vs bee in storm 2 or sasuke and itachi vs kabuto in storm 3

  20. how to do rasengan in naruto ultimate ninja store (first)????

  21. 13:56 So Kishimoto just forgot all about this outfit and its fire😂

  22. Just bought Storm legacy pack on Steam 3 days ago and I already 100% achievement Storm 1, now I'm starting the second. (already played all of them in the past)

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