Become a NINJA - Game Changing Tricks for Advanced Visual Audio in Fortnite (Silent Footsteps) -

Become a NINJA – Game Changing Tricks for Advanced Visual Audio in Fortnite (Silent Footsteps)

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In this Fortnite tips and tricks video we breakdown all the visual audio / visualize sounds distances and tricks. We also teach you how to make your footsteps silent when you sneak to become a true Fortnite Ninja. Visualize audio is a powerful sound setting in Fortnite, and know all of the distances at which sound appear enables you to make smarter decisions in game and win more games in Fortnite overall. The Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 jungle is the perfect setting to utilize all of the audio and silent footstep tricks.
Anyone using visualize sound effects will not be able to find you with these tips and tricks.


  1. Only found your channel yesterday and really liking your content, well done mate.

  2. This video was super helpful. Thank you for doing all that work. Great Contant.

  3. This is master series for Fortnite . No one is even coming close to giving such in-depth information. I’m torn between not wanting too many people to know all this but happy your channel is blowing up.

  4. One of the greatest fortnite YouTubers of all time

  5. damn great stuff man, you should have millions of followers keep it going! From one Shinobi to Another

  6. I really wish visual audio for gliders had a way of representing angle / height. don't know how often I'm looking up at the sky only to find out the glider is already ground level.

  7. How about a video on how rotate to the next circle and have better predictions?

  8. your vids are super helpful!! especially for a not so good player like me :"-)

  9. You've found yourself a new sub! Great tutorial and I can tell a lot of effort put into these videos. Thanks TobyWan!

  10. Evolve Jake and Tobi are the people i trust the most!

  11. They need to add a Visual audio for a Elimination, Respawn and Emoting

  12. I have no idea how I missed this 🤦🏼‍♀️. So many helpful tips and info. Thanks for all of your hard work, testing and of course for not keeping it all to yourself 😊

  13. What about crown ping?
    Thank you the information you provided..

  14. I also thought visual audio on healing items had to be much further, at least 30 metres. This 7 meter thing is terrifying because it means that all those times I thought someone was 20 metres away healing, they were always within less than 2 squares of me…

  15. Great info thanks! Now i know how to tell if footsteps are above or below.

  16. This is literally one of the best fortnite tutorial video ive ever seen, thank you!

  17. I use this because I'm hard of hearing, but I also have visual problems in research so it complicated ☠️

  18. how is the audio in this game so trash? billion dollar company btw

  19. Not enabling visual audio is the biggest possible mistake you can do with your settings.

  20. Cheers toby for the content mate, been watching your vids and been learning alot more about different mechanics gone from a 2 kda player to. 20 kda your recoil vid was awesome im hitting way more shots. Keep up the good work.

  21. Can you do a video on the best loadout for zero build in the new season?

  22. I don't suppose you tested the range of a reboot van by any chance? Great video. Enormously helpful.

  23. I get gunshot visual on pickaxe… don't know range though

  24. Never hit the subscribe buttonnso quick

  25. I’ve liked it – but I have regrets that this’ll help it in the YouTube algorithm! Great vid – love your content. Thank you for your efforts! ❤️❤️👏🏻👏🏻

  26. I use visualized sound effects all the time it is a big help determining when and where the enemy is coming from

  27. Actual Fortnite life-saving material. Absolutely insane. Love it.

  28. Visual audio will save u from getting destroyed often

  29. Haven't watch the full video but another stuff trick is when entering water if you sight down your weapon without alerting audio cues like when you swim. You can stealth through the water, camp, heal if you have aquatics Aug..

  30. I thought I was going to have to bring up ads while crouched but you are more educated than the other YT fortnite channels

  31. Amazing video! what about reviving a downed teammate? would also be very useful to know the distances you can hear it. I dont think you can see it anymore on visual audio but you definitely could it once.

  32. I don't see any mention of water stealth here, or is it you don't know about that?
    If you look down sites on your weapon when entering water you will move through it slowly but quietly, just like sneaking but in the water.
    Your welcome

  33. What happens with icy slide? Is it 0 visual like normal slide or does it have a distance?

  34. Heyyyy total noob here, just wondering if you could explain what each icon is that appears on the sound ring? Some are obvious like the swimming or dinosaur icon but some I haven't figured out yet. Also is there any clear way to tell which way to go when chest icons appear? Other than getting a better headset 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  35. Man, looking at these videos after the OG downgrade gives me feels.

    I miss when Fortnite was good.

    OG will be done and gone soon and then we can get back to having fun 🤞

  36. Yeah I really needed the above and below footsteps sound has the audio been nerfed by any amount?

  37. This answers a lot of my noob questions. Another is 'Where is that chest?' above? Below? Hiding in the wall? Is there an easy way to know?

  38. Is the range affected by my audio settings ? Do I need to put the sound effects to 100% for full range ?

  39. What do the actual orange arc of gunfire mean? How do you tell the direction?

  40. Where do you explain how to turn on the setting

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