Becoming a Ninja in This NEW Naruto Open World RPG Game... -

Becoming a Ninja in This NEW Naruto Open World RPG Game…

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Becoming a Ninja in This NEW Naruto Open World RPG Game… Today I play this new open world naruto game created by MadeToday. Currently this game isnt fully out to the public just yet. If you enjoyed the video make sure to hit the like button and subscribe. #Naruto
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  1. Why can't bandai get the with fucking program. But no they had to give us that trash ass shinobi strikers..

  2. It's not that devs are trash, it's the devs leadership don't give a shit. They see a game & make it, then move on to the other projects and the cycle repeats.

  3. Whats the name of this. And when is it coming out.

  4. 600-700 likes you asked for and I’m sitting here watching after 10k likes lol. Good job man

  5. This will be a real cool in a few years, and up until Bandai-Namco sends a cease and desist.

  6. These was a cool RPG one way back on the 360

  7. You need ti realise bro if they make a triple a game naruto game like this NOBODY playing anything else they aint making no money

  8. Why can't Bandai Namco make this!! It would be amazing!!

  9. What is the game available on? What consoles? Is it compatible on oxbow series S

  10. It's so well detailed it's impressive Jump is ignoring its existence and not offering a hand :O

  11. Yo fuck that intro. Do you realize how many times I checked discord before I realized it was just your video? Well twice, but that's beside the point lol

  12. They should honestly make a naruto game that functions like swtor with large areas to roam, enemies everywhere, friendly areas with npcs, quests, level unlocks with abilities depending on class selection, weapons to purchase, clothes and armor, and character customization. Prob be the best anime game to release

  13. 1 second in this video and already got trolled.

  14. So it’s Warcraft frozen throne fan made more or less? I played games exactly like this with just lots more story (or what was out in 2010) much worse graphics though lmao. Kinda excited

  15. This game is honestly fire and when you said it saddened you bruh bandai namco could make games like these look really good and have everything the community wants, good games run by what the community wants in a game

  16. Got excited by the intro then the game appeared…I'll wait until a decent looking game comes out

  17. on roblox this type of game is called a bandit beater

  18. There has to be something we can do to get games we actually want made. Anything can happen if we work together and have a plan.

  19. Peep project shinobi. It’s still in early dev but, it’s promising

  20. for anyone wondering, for the better part of a whole decade, there’s been ongoing naruto projects on roblox; the creators are currently working on ‘shindo life’, and its worth checking out

  21. The graphics might not be that good but I believe this game could be mad good can’t wait for it to be finished

  22. If someone make a Rpg game like this and better and even online bro I'll even pay 1000 dollars to play it

  23. The konoha is taken from storm 1 XDDD

  24. The sound in the beginning made me check out if I forgot discord opening

  25. a quality open world rpg naruto game i would pay 1k dollars for… to bad it will never happen cause japan is stuck in arcade era…

  26. just imagine a naruto online where you create your own shinobi and you can go rogue, enter school to do the exam, try to become hokage, become a sanin, anything fr..big ass map, all the towns, bounties, missions, story, online pvp, dueling, customization ALL TYPES OF CRAZY. You can train and learn and even try to create your own jutsu. You can even take on an AI student or make a noob or new player a student. All on UE4

  27. We gotta make a petition for Bandai or some other big company to make this into a proper game.

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