Becoming a Ninja in This NEW Naruto Open World RPG Game... -

Becoming a Ninja in This NEW Naruto Open World RPG Game…

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Becoming a Ninja in This NEW Naruto Open World RPG Game… Today I play this new open world naruto game created by MadeToday. Currently this game isnt fully out to the public just yet. If you enjoyed the video make sure to hit the like button and subscribe. #Naruto
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  1. the discord opening at the very beginning is such a troll lmao

  2. Bro, they must make a proper and far better version of this open world rpg kinda Naruto game for real

  3. All that running scary ass… Lol could have used your jutsus

  4. I really don’t know what namco bandai is doing with the naruto license, they just have to stop sale it to everyone

  5. We need a one piece game and a hunter x hunter game like this for online

  6. Hmm.. id pay 100 bucks for an open world Naruto game similar to Dragonball Xenoverse or Xenoverse 2.

  7. If they did a Naruto game in the style of DragonBall Xenoverse but more detailed and way more open world would be lit

  8. Who made this game it looks horrible…like the equivalent of a flash game

  9. I thought there was one, I was about to drop everything and buy it.

  10. City of Konoha model is from Naruto ultimate ninja 1. You can cleary see where this model was taken, and how "worst" rest of world look.
    Still its COOL project. Its so strange BANDAI dont saw this and BAN XD hahah

  11. I'm in the discord server it's so fun talking at night cause EVERYONE is on lmfao

  12. Guren is the only crystal style, how it clan?

  13. sorry am new to that… where can i download the game please

  14. How do you get you shadow clones to attack?

  15. Wow, something that looks like fucking Sherwood Castle

  16. "my man haku~" hahaha haku he is a guy, finally someone said haku a man

  17. Bro with all the clans this would be a fire ass game

  18. cuz i love your narration😂💯you lowkey funny asab bro nd you talk similar to me😂which makes it so much funnier to me😂💯post more of this cuz nbs😂💯

  19. I’ve never wanted a game to be made more than this

  20. This…shit…ass….

    Needs polishing fr fr

  21. It’s not Yu-chiha it’s ………. "oooooo-chiha"

  22. Am I the only one who thought that was trunks in the thumbnail for a second?

  23. It’s a good prototype but I fear in order to make a worthy naruto RPG they will need hundreds of millions of $

  24. A Naruto game like dbz kakarot would be dope.

  25. new drinking game! every time he says … "bro" …. take a shot …. im so drunk right now….

  26. If I played this game I use wind lightning and fire release

  27. There's real potential in this game. Get some better designers for the graphics, some writers for dialogue and plot/stories like main stories and side missions. Maybe have someone do more research into the lore like the clans and such. It would be awesome. I never understood why they never made an official open world RPG for Naruto. They could benefit from it so much and fans would go crazy for it.

  28. This was cool I've always dreamed of having a Naruto/Boruto open RPG w/graphics and intensity similar to GOD OF WAR
    Make a character or be a character. I'd pay whatever price.

  29. "bro, bro, brah" i cant with this dude xD

  30. A great ninja war Event between other villages or A zetsu army would be Insane still.xD

  31. The Village is 100% ripped from Broken Bond/Rise of a Ninja

  32. This guy's pronunciation of the names is the reason why you shouldn't watch dubbed anime…

  33. I feel like the best Naruto MMO would have multiple clans like this game, but also each clan choice has their own storyline to follow and you can choose which village to be your home as well as being able to work with and for all the villages. There would have to be a lot of park our moves implemented as well. With the combat, I'd appreciate the typical arena fighting style, and for it to be like Kakarot wherein a fight is initiated wherever you find yourself on the map.

  34. There's some really cool ideas here. Would love to see a major producer fund them to make it a legit thing

  35. Yeah the animation looks like it’s tooth picks and play doh lol

  36. Why is there a chat window ? To talk to yourself ?

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