Becoming A Ninja In This New Open World Naruto RPG Game -

Becoming A Ninja In This New Open World Naruto RPG Game

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Becoming A Ninja In This New Open World Naruto RPG Game. This Is an Update on Nindo Shinobi War one of the lastest naruto games being made right now. #Naruto #nindoshinobiwar #narutogame

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  1. Have you tried the naruto mmo Shinobi story

  2. cant wait for the game to release and have every player in sic path sage mode, 10 tail jingeriki and full susanoo day one. Oh, and you cant forget 1000 years of death. Love the mastery feature tho

  3. my bo ygaara kills nice video i hope the game will release soon

  4. Can u make this into a series plz

  5. Day 11 of begging curlynaps to play ultimate Spider-Man

  6. Day eleventeen of asking him to play jeffro

  7. cant wait for tis mans face reveal btw kep up d awesome work

  8. I really don't understand why people put so much work to create a branded fan game. Until it get to popular bandai is gonna delete that anyway. Sad but true

  9. Aye this kinda snapped!🔥 Tryna see this go far!💯💪🏾👏🏾

  10. I think you should have summoned the shadow clones early on so you didnt wast time on it

  11. How did you get the game because he didn't share on his discord

  12. Ultimate spiderman is my favourite spiderman game

  13. Tell me you like Tokyo ghoul without telling me you like Tokyo ghoul

  14. Day 1 of asking you to do a collab with Grey Fang

  15. I'm scares for this game to get flagged and removed if the makers of naruto hear about this

  16. Day 64 of asking him to play transformers devastation

  17. Seriously, what does a brother have to do to get blessed with a chance to play this? The closest I get to a Naruto open world rpg is my modded Skyrim SE 😂😂

  18. Drop another one of these expeditiously

  19. this is a nice video dude, so keen to play this eventually

  20. Dude pls tell me how many jutsus does this game has?

  21. I can’t wait for this game. And I really like how you can level up. Although I do hope there is a mode where you have everything lol.

  22. Do you know when it might be coming to PS4?

  23. Imagine if it was made by a game company while this guy is making it himself big game companies are pathetic

  24. Will you be able to choose your clan when the game releases?

  25. I'm excited for the release and everyone to be Uchiha XD

  26. This game is definitely gonna get hit with a cease and desist order, either when the game is close to release or when it's been out for a bit.

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