Becoming a Ninja in This New Open World Naruto RPG Game... -

Becoming a Ninja in This New Open World Naruto RPG Game…

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Becoming a Ninja in This New Open World Naruto RPG Game… Nindo shinobi war has gotten even better. #nindo #narutogame #naruto

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  1. I wanna know when it releases. I wanna play this asap

  2. nah this is stright out of an anime he just spawn like that 9:03 BRO didn't have u let a chance to look at him

  3. This ain't really a rpg game there's no progression, no Naruto related things like academy genin chunin exams, and you get to choose your kekkai genkai and clans so everyone gonna be running around with mangekyo sharing and kamui in the leaf village. No sand ninja no wars,

  4. Only if this game was on console I would get it and the game is good sadly on pc but still good game w creator w game w vid

  5. Are there games like this game for mobile

  6. Cant wait for this game to come out 🙏

  7. Literally uses Shinobi strikers movements. This is what SS SHOULD have been

  8. Hope they add a gaara ability to the game

  9. On the gang when I download this shi I’m abusing flying rajin😂

  10. I almost think this was a fortnite mod, since a few days Epic anonunced tge Fortnite UEngine . So looking Naruto and Sasuke as the same skin in fortnite i got impressed for one second that WOW!!! That was fast!!!!😂😂😂😂

  11. Mannn we was in the hospital back to back 😂😂😂

  12. 9:04 I didn't expect him to fold THAT QUICK💀 bro living up to his nickname

  13. I feel like the the Hyuga Fighting style should be more similar to the anime. Like it shouldn’t be just poking. The poking should just be for the 64 palms

  14. yay ei am 8 hours early better than a week or month

  15. I’m 18 and can confirm I’ve never been in a romantic relationship because I am too afraid to talk to anyone my age.

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