Becoming a Ninja in This New Open World Naruto RPG Game... -

Becoming a Ninja in This New Open World Naruto RPG Game…

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Becoming a Ninja in This New Open World Naruto RPG Game… Nindo is a recent project started by a creator named Akyet. This Is a Naruto themed Rpg game that has an open world and custom characters. #Naruto #NarutoGames #Nindo

DISCLAIMER: As of this video this game isn’t public yet so there isn’t a download link!

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  1. Looks extremely inspired by shindo/shinobi life’s moves

  2. Is this real yet or is there something better than shinobi striker

  3. I won’t be buying these trash ass anime games Bandai releases no more

  4. Petition to get Bandai Namco to hire AK and make him the lead on a new Naruto game. Just so this can get the funding it deserves.

  5. What is this game? Where can it be downloaded from ?
    There is currently another Naruto based MMORPG made by a fan as well and it’s built on World of Warcraft Wratch of the Leech King version of the game. It’s called Shinobi Story and is really good similar to this.
    If you liked WOW and Naruto…then Shinobi Story is the way to go…Currently in Alpha but still a great game.

    Would love to try this game out as well but what’s it called where can it be downloaded from?

  6. Sniffff…. Y’all Smell That😤 It Smell Like Some Peak Gaming👀🔥

  7. Early, btw love the vid and play shindo life next

  8. The naruto game i wot to play it but i con't i don't have a computer 😭

  9. AK IS BUILT DIFFERENT. Cant wait to 64 palm yall boys

  10. This game is damn straight amazing 😭🔥🔥

  11. Hai anna iam Nagendar Anna na age 42 Mirabellee.Uno qualification m.l.t medical lab technicians ,Srpt lo jobs unte cheppagalaru anna.with govt Jobs

  12. The room where itachi repeatedly put Sasuke in a genjutsu

  13. Too clean bro There's going to be so many people on this game

  14. The room is the one itachi waited for sasuke in

  15. Can't wait for the game to be finished.

  16. Awesome. Thank you,,like couldn't wait more for another gameplay from this game. This is the perfect Naruto game already, can't wait for when be done.
    So yes do more videos like this please&thanks👌😊👍

  17. I need to get a pc I need to play this 😤

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