Being a Spy Ninja for 24 Hours! -

Being a Spy Ninja for 24 Hours!

Vy Qwaint
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Alie starts her Spy Ninja for a day Challenge by gearing up in Spy Ninja gear! She’s ready for her first challenge! If she can survive each challenge, then maybe she will be ready for a Live Action Mission! Vy starts by challenging her into her first challenge: The Spy Ninja gadget challenge! She must use her hearing skills, decoder skills, drone skills to find the special object hidden somewhere in the Safe house! Next can she successfully complete Regina’s Tik Tok Challenge? The Spy Ninjas teach her the iconic “Come back Chad” dance, and they film a Tik Tok! Before getting to the question of the day, Chad and Melvin decide to check in on Cloaker! He’s been acting real suspicious lately! When Melvin decides to check in, he accidentally turns his computer into Spanish! Good thing Alie knows how to fix it! After that, the Spy Ninjas challenge her to her last challenge, create a simple jingle! They sing a little tune and Alie completes her Spy Ninja for a Day challenge! But suddenly the Cloaker calls Vy and challenges them to go to the Las Vegas strip! Is Alie ready for this mission?! Can the Spy Ninjas find Cloaker and get to the bottom of this? Comment below your favorite part of the video! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!

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  1. You guys are super awesome and amazing and I love you guys the spy ninja so much and I love watch your guys YouTube video and I’m subscribe to your guys YouTube channel and post notifications bell are on and can I get a shout out to my YouTube channel is awesome sauce henry

  2. That Funny Trombone but he's got ligma says:

    In project zorgo times they faked there vids

  3. Hi I'm Danielle I leave in the Philippines but I still no how to speak English

  4. Question for vy have you and chad kiss on a spy ninja video ?

  5. 14:11 omg why cloaker become like that and want find spy ninjas trouble

  6. When are you going to post Melvin its bin show long

  7. Question for all of you I like all of your Music videos especially like come back chad and Come back Daniel

  8. Question for vy do you have any secret

  9. Question for Regina:Are from the Philippines if yes I suuport bc I am Filipino too ⚡️😘🌸

  10. bjcnxvxgx😊😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️💗💓😘🥰😍🤩💖💗💓💘💝💋💌❤️❣️💟💕💞

  11. Question for all the🕵️‍♂️ 🥷 s:what did u hide from ur parents

  12. Wow I didn't know that Alis face would look like that

  13. Question for vy do u ever kiss Chad off camera??

  14. Project zorgo and pz9 will take you spy ninjas down and take over YouTube

    You will lose spy ninjas

  15. And Haley queen I like you I subscribed to your channel and I'm I'm six 60 years old and and I'm not grown up I'm still a kid and I like you very clean and I love you bye bye

  16. When I grow up I wanna be a spy ninja being a spy ninja looks so cool

  17. Guys I was about to comment you but I realize I didn't know what to come in so I'm eating right now from noodles

  18. Question for Melvin:do you like Allie and do you think she is an alien

  19. Yea it's OK if your jelly of alie we will always love you Melvin ❤️😊

  20. Question for chad:when last did you hear from your brother

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