Best Ninja Games to Jump in Right Now

Best Ninja Games to Jump in Right Now

Best Ninja Games

Best Ninja Games are not that easy to find. There is much rubbish to draw your attention away from real gems. Check out this list with hooking adventures to play. They’re from different genres and boast of high-quality content to any taste.

5 Rocking Digital Toys

Shadow Fight 3 (2017)

Android, iOS

Shadow Fight 3

The title is of the fighting genre and features an alternative reality. Powered by the mighty shadow energy, it splits the world into clans. Some want to use it for good, while others have evil plans. Explore the plot, duel opponents, and release your superpowers.

Ghostrunner (2020)

PS4, PS5, XBO, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Amazon Luna


Welcome to a cyberpunk platformer. You’re a technologically enhanced soldier tasked to liberate artificial intelligence. With no memory of the past, decide what side you’re really on. Meanwhile, traverse dangerous areas, climb the walls, and fight enemies.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (2019)

PS4, XBO, Stadia, Microsoft Windows

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

It’s an action-adventure that sends you to Japan of the 17th century. The open-world, a sense of freedom, and cool visuals… Complete missions, engage in melee combats and upgrade your character. There are skills to improve, weapons to get, and a map to explore!

Among the Best Ninja Games for Kids: Ninja Runner (2020)


Ninja Runner

A cartoon-like young warrior is undergoing stamina and dexterity training. Help by clicking at the right moment. Jump over water, avoid bombs, and collect coins. The agenda of this online and free endless side-scroller is simple. Last as long as you can!

Ninja Turtles: Legends (2020)

Android, iOS

Ninja Turtles Legends (2020)

Any top feels incomplete without another installation of mutants’ adventures! This fresh turn-based strategy pits Leonardo against a malicious clan to save his brothers. And the whole world. Summon both friends and enemies to join you on your quest. And enjoy the graphics and smooth gameplay! Do you like to play at home online? Play Nintendo Emulator Games right now.

Want More?

This shortlist features the best ninja games with a high rating. If it’s not enough, check out this selection: Here you’ll find other popular titles that glue from the first moments. Try them to have fun alone or with friends!