Best Sniper In The Game?! - Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay - Ninja -

Best Sniper In The Game?! – Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay – Ninja

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  1. came for nostalgia and all i got was a reminder of how much my love life sucks 😔

  2. Me and my cousin and brother watched Thai stream and it was actually lit

  3. Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days.

  4. Dude im about to get teard 😢😢 up I remember watching this when it came out 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  5. Damn ninja, this brings me back to when I first got to college and me and the boys (along with so many other people at that time) would watch your stream, just drink and chill and watch the skill and overall fun you had. Hope you’re doing well brother. You have provided so much great content over the years and it’s awesome to watch it back. Twas a simpler time man. Glad I was there for it.

  6. The old intro is when u know it’s good ninja

  7. seeing this in 2022 makes me kinda sad

  8. Why can’t they just put the game back to this state

  9. When fortnite was fun even if i was a bot playing on a 30 fps laptop

  10. 2022 and I'm still watching this video

  11. Legend of Legaia
    Using Spirit

    Underrated classic. One of my fav game

  12. My favorite video from ninja of all time I’d give anything to go back to this time

  13. ninja was spitting facts with that dating advice

  14. Prime Ninja, Primer Fortnite, Prime Life. What a shame..

  15. YT recommending this 2022 bringing back the nostalgia.

  16. Just the sound of the scar reloading and all the og locations makes my cry it’s crazy how only the yt were like the good ones and now basically everyone is kinda insane

  17. Ở bên Hàn quốc vẫn ngưỡng mộ sự cố gắng của hai em❤️❤️❤️

  18. It’s insane to realise that if this was played right now it would have been seemed as above average gameplay

  19. season four was my favorite that's why I always bring the omega 😢

  20. Map looks so good 😭😭😭
    Edit: this must be season 4

  21. bro the sound of Bird the animation of the shotgun the sniper the sound of the Head shot the music of the donation broooooo that's hurts me so bad and we don't forget the 15 people was watching him the old days people when got killed they don't leave till your dead 😂😂😂

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