BIG Update for Fallout Games Fallout 4, Fallout 76 & Fallout 3 Remasters on Xbox PS5 & PC -

BIG Update for Fallout Games Fallout 4, Fallout 76 & Fallout 3 Remasters on Xbox PS5 & PC

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The new Fallout TV show on Amazon Prime is a runaway success and with millions of people watching the show there is a massive surge of hundreds of thousands of players returning to the Fallout games. And a major surprise is coming for Fallout fans from some of their favorite games!

Fallout 5 is probably a decade away but right now players are jumping onto Fallout 4 even classics like Fallout 3 and New Vegas but most of all more players are returning or finally giving Fallout 76 a shot. Fallout 76 has made major improvements over the last two years and is an incredible cooperative world building game compared to its shell from 2019.
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  1. Darn. So this enhancement update does nothing to improve the graphics. Looks like I’ll need to use those texture pack mods, again. Same for lighting. 😢

  2. "they're bringing graphics, more graphics, and more graphics. Oh and by the way, a new faction. But GRAPHICS."

    That's what I got out of the first half of your video.

  3. im having a blast playin 76, ive played all games several times but never touched 76..

  4. Huge fan of the Fallout series and nice to see the new TV series has brought new life/attention to the games!

    Fallout76 is actually a very good game after playing it in 2023. It definitely gives Fallout4 vibes with some improvements and I played it solo all the way through. Really cool taking down a huge boss enemy with a group of people as well!

    I may have to go back and replay Fallout 4 again with this update.

  5. Never have played a Fallout game before. Maybe now it's the right time?👀😁

  6. Can someone explain why they wouldn’t also remake New Vegas

  7. New Vegas should get the first remaster. That game is perfect

  8. I love fallout 76 so much its so understanded been playing since launch

  9. Fall out 4 needs a patch can’t even play the game never played a more bugged game in my life

  10. What u mean pc of fallout 3 u can do anything, last time I check fallout 3 is unplayable on pc

  11. So poor old New Vegas gets ignored again and I believe Bethesda are very bad curators of Fallout New Vegas because they’re upset at Obsidian for humiliating them with a story so much better than they’ve managed in 20 years, done in 18 months.

    Why else does the most highly regarded Fallout game with the highest rated story get ignored again and sit gathering dust while the 2nd and 3rd favourites get lavished with attention?

    “Gimme a “B” gimme an “I” gimme a “T” and a “C” now an “H” an “E” and an “S” now tell me what Bethesda are!”

    “That’s right! That’s right! Lenny Kravits on guitar!”

  12. Love the fallout sign riddled with bullet holes. Also pretty nice PRS on the left 😎 Thanks for the video.

  13. I'm just glad they are giving the PS5 native version haptics and adaptive triggers.

  14. I really have to finish watching the videos before I buy the game.. .(i needed to buy GOG version for PC anyways for LONDON DLC)… lol… Great info

  15. Now, im about to watch the show.. … hmhm.. could be disappointing…

  16. Man I got on my x box around 470 games I'm not playing anything else than fallout 4 lol

  17. So i got an upgrade for the ps5 but im still held back on xbox one x. I haven’t played in a good min and xbox was the way to play with all the mods i could get but half of my 3gb mod storage went to fixing damn Boston. I might give it a try on ps5 but vanilla mods will still suck.

  18. How about they fixed the fallout 3 goty edition on steam. Cant play the damn game without it crashing after starting a new game. I just wanted to play it again!

  19. Make the loading screens of fallout 4 take less than 5 min on pc

  20. Ever since they changed fallout 76 to have level appropriate enemies it sucks! Nothing like stepping out of the vault for the first time with a level 50 character nearby and getting one shotted by a level 50 commie bot. Or having to try and take on a level 263 Scorch Queen thanks to “that” one player

  21. Missleading video ( Customers Beware ) – from a fallout fan and 2k+ hours into fallout franchise

    Fallout 4 –> 10/10 game
    Fallout 76 –> 2/10 game

    Don't buy fallout 76 and don't fall for their monthly sub scam ( lack luster story / broken inventory / talent system ) which forces you into monthly sub to gain extra inventory space and even with that space you are still unable to have all weapons / all sorts of gear sets etc – Stay away from fallout 76 because you will be very disapointed.

  22. Noobs should try Fallout 4 before Fallout 76 (76 sucks)

  23. It seems now when Fallout movie has a success, that Bethseda got some money to finally remaster older Fallout games😂

  24. Who would have guess Bethesda of all companies would take the opportunity to churn out there old shit for cash

  25. i just found out i got a free copy of 76 on Amazon prime gaming so i get the code i redeem the code it say it is in my purchase history yet i cant install it for the life of me and i have the xbox app on my pc so i think it should just work but nope nothing i do works and this setting i am supposed to change for remote download access well not one thing or person can tell me where that setting is and i cant find it so i guess i do not get to play my free copy of 76 nice work again Bethesda you lying fuktards

  26. If the update just gives 8gb addressable ram and vram, there is already a wealth of mods that we can go ham on.

  27. If Fallout 3 gets remastered to play more like Fallout 4 I’m all on that. I started with 76 then went to 4 so to me the slow movement speed of the old games gets to me all the time and takes me out of the immersion.

  28. I would love to see a New Vegas remaster.

  29. Was shredding fallout 4 and then I Hurd about the 25th and got exited I’m going to start a fresh run love fallout 4

  30. I dont care unless I'm finally able to download the game and enjoy it out of the box. Give all the praise you want to this game but I can't play it on console. The frame rate and input lag is too much. So I play it on pc. But. Right out the box. My pc runs it at like 160fps. Which breaks the game. So I have to mod it to allow higher frame rate. Go ahead. Talk about 4k. Don't talk about how it doesn't even run good anyway.

  31. Can you continue a saved game? Or do you have to start all over for this update!? Hope not.

  32. Wait a minute…performance mode is 4k at 60 fps…so what is quality mode then 8k😅😅😅😅

  33. no remake for fallout 3 or NV just make another NV with a new story and if modders want to remake the original NV fine, I love seeing the work of independent skilled people.

  34. obviously incest is overlooked. our "hero" fools around with her cousin. our other "hero" somehow magical powers to use body armor in a way that isnt possible if you've kept up with lore. he should have no idea how to use the suit. then lets a brother die (technically kills) because he called him names. the true squire is the one of the only characters to have a past thats true to the lore. hes a fly sh#*%er. and of course walton goggins. what could have been with this show ,,,what could have been

  35. Stop clickbaiting ppl with calling mods "updates" mods are not updates updates are provided by Bethesda not Moddershall. Welcome to my do not recommend list.

  36. I'm curious if the PS5 next gen update will include Heptic Feedback…
    Such a game changer IMO!

  37. Play station just catching up… they wining that war though 😂😂

  38. I hope they fix the weapon debris and fps, stutter issues for RTX GPUs

  39. Having multiple profiles with a better part of a thousand mods installed, honestly? I never left fallout 4. I do bounce back and forth between it and Day z, but I never left fallout in the first place.

  40. Oh, and all those power armors from The enclave? Yeah those were added by mod authors years ago… Just saying

  41. When is the Fallout 76 update coming? Im tired of crash, lag and not be able to bulid more outside my camp

  42. Am I best playing this on pc or ps5? I've got a 4070 super graphics card

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