Blue Ninja, Superhero Game - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Tutorial (iOS,Android) -

Blue Ninja, Superhero Game – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Tutorial (iOS,Android)

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Blue Ninja, Superhero Game – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Tutorial (iOS,Android)


🔴Hello guys!
Here you have a video of me playing blue ninja game. This will help you understand if this game for you without downloading it.

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Ultimate superhero parody game known as Blue Ninja.
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  1. This game is amazing, all you have to do is add spider man web sounds to it, I play it at school and when I’m bored

  2. Bro, the game is good, please give me a mission to make it more fun

  3. Plz make us create our own suits plz and let us remove the sword plz bro 🙏❤️

  4. I have a question what happened the power spider parody game did they remove them from the google play store? Also are you ultimate animator because your game is is similar to power spider

  5. can i use the flies of power spider2 to make a fan game

  6. This game is amazing please add a feature to take your suit off and add better bosses please and thanx

  7. Can u add web shooters in this game pleaseee

  8. u kinda swing to fast and ruins the gameplay

  9. please add more Like we can remove the suit and Add school mission

  10. in my boss bar his health bar doesnt so and he cant die what to do to solve

  11. Bro this is my febret game

  12. Miles Morales - Into the Spider-Verse says:

    Legitimate question: Does anyone know where the nighttime soundtrack is from?

  13. Человек-паук майнкрафт

  14. This Game Is Like Deadpool Um Nevermind Then Is Just Blue Ninja Game

  15. Can you do spiderman suit in my game pls 🥺

  16. Ojala hucieras uno de batman bro seria epico con villanos como dos caras el joker y pinguino serie epico

  17. This game is good but pls add cars to drive 😃

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