It’s A Brand New World

It’s A Brand New World

We are living in a world where everything and everyone is a “brand”. I get it, a brand is how you portray yourself to the world and everyone wants a brand to love and relate to, but when I was reading an article and it talked about Mother Theresa, the brand, I thought “wait a minute”, aren’t we taking this a bit too far? I don’t think Mother Theresa’s actions and life commitment of giving back to the world is because she wants to create or maintain “her brand”. Let’s reign it in people. We are now throwing the word “brand” out there for anything and everything, that it is loosing its effect and what the true benefits and reason why a brand can make a product, company and yes, a person stand out and get noticed.

Let’s start with the dictionary’s definition of the word brand:
1. a type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name. “a new brand of detergent”
2. mark made by burning with a hot iron to attest manufacture or quality or to designate ownership

We are bombarded by brands on TV, our drive to work, shopping at the grocery store, even what we wear. We choose to connect to certain brands either by their look, their message, their status or just because you like it and relate to it. People love to share their brands and feel a certain ownership to it if they share or display their favorite brands. A successful brand can take a company, product, group or person to levels they themselves could not do alone and the success of the “brand” depends on the people that connect to the brand and feel a commitment and loyalty to it.

How can we get a brand to work for us literally? If a company uses their brand to reinforce the mission and driving force of a company to potential employees you can attract not only more specific candidates that match your companies goals, beliefs and culture, but you will find dedicated people that share your direction and are extremely motivated to work with a company and people they really believe in. Wow, pretty cool.

We are creating this blog as a forum to bring the true essence of a brand by going deep into where the brand lives and how it can attract more people to become part of the company, group or culture and take a look into how “the brand” lives and breathes from the inside. #PutYourBrandToWork.

By Michelle Talbot, CMO, Browne & Brand

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