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C64 Longplay – The Last Ninja

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Complete walkthrough from the C64 game “The Last Ninja”
The full video is downloadable at Archive.org





  2. How TF did you even see or know where those objects were located?!?! I spent hours and hours wandering around and get killed by those enemies without discovering them! Poor 6 years old me 😆

  3. How good is the music!!! I love this soundtrack. 🙂

  4. Every picture looks like a great painting.

    I knew it but the graphic designers did a superb job. 🙂

  5. Well, I got a serious amount of questions, most of them most likely because I played the NES version as a non English speaking kid (it was hard and hell), but I do remember reaching a pentagram on the ground with a bad dude of sorts and lighting some candles before being able to hit him to damage him. I’m assuming the C64 version has not much to do with the NES version? Will hunt for that one.
    That being said, it would be great this with commentaries, like, why he passes through the key at the beginning and picks it up after? Is it the right order of doing things or to not lose time because the player was going to backtrack anyways?

  6. i never knew that i was so close to finishing it, damn

  7. Best C64 game along with Last Ninja II and Turrican II. I'm 38 now and this game giving me the same fun and emotions like I was teenager. I'm playing this sometimes on The C64 retro console.
    Music from The Last Ninja is IMO best soundtrack for C64 game ever created! Love it better than Last Ninja II music, which is also awesome… I have a special fondness to the tune from intro. In the cassette version, this track was played along with loading to Wastelands. BTW, music from Dungeon is creepy for me even today!

  8. That was so weird to see as a kid…the opponents that committed seppuku when you outran them :S And that dungeon level was so creepy! Never finished the game, because me and my brother couldn't figure out what to do in the last level (the stairs…that you have to become green from the stuff in the pot).

  9. The song at the beginning was remixed and used in a game called Platypus 2 in Level 2

  10. One of the best soundtracks of this era. Still gives me the 8-bit goosebumps, nostalgia feeling is off the charts.

  11. I didn’t know you could climb the wall..that’s where I always got stuck😫

  12. I needed a walk through for this game back in the day. Unfortunately there weren't any. I gave up on this game. Bruce Lee was easier to beat. Krateka was also fun and beatable.

  13. Proper computer games. Future generations will never understand.

  14. I had no idea how much there was to this game. All those days I played this as a kid and never even got far enough to hear past the first music track

  15. All produced with 64k – programmers were geniuses and utilised every single bit of code – music on it's own was worth an award.

  16. That prison with the dead bodies was really scary

  17. So that’s the way to played it through, huh. Trip down memory lane.

  18. the fuckin logs in the swamp…god I hated them lol

  19. Baby boomers were the best game and music developers ever! Thank you so much for giving me a great joy to my childhood!

  20. only someone who played it back in time understand how skilled this player is ! incredible

  21. I don't want the full video, I want to download the full game

  22. Okay… Clearly a very skillled LN1 player… 😀👍

  23. This is one of my favorite Commodore 64 games. Awesome feelings! Now, i have The Last Ninja 2 for The Amiga 500. 😺😸🐈

    R.I.P. Ben Daglish 😿

  24. Wow, that is an amazing game, way ahead of its time! I wish I would have had this one.

  25. Sound track from this game was an absolute banger!

  26. This games brings back memories that I didn't even know I had. As soon as I saw that screen shot I remembered my brothers mate playing it in my bedroom as he was stopping over and he brought his c64 with him. Brilliant

  27. 80s were just great times to be a kid.

  28. I played this when I was 6 years old. Didn’t understand much.

  29. The way this guy leaps across the roots in the swamp is outrageous. i wept tears of fury and anguish getting across that BASTARD. But the music always brought me back.

    That music.

  30. Holy crap – I played this for hours when I was a teenager. This brings back so many memories!
    Only 16 colors and no 3d engine… and they managed to create this. I have NO IDEA HOW. they pushed the machine to the absolute limits of what you could do with 64kb of memory. Also it only had three "voices" so basically you could only play three sounds at a time. Listen to the music… there are only ever three instruments playing at the same time but somehow by swapping, they would make it seem like a lot more music tracks were playing

  31. Wow, thank you so much for putting this up. My father bought the game for me when I was 14 or 15, and I played that thing forever. I remember it took me a heck of a lot longer than 13 minutes to get through. This really brings back some great memories of my father… thank you.

  32. I love it!
    Ich war noch so klein aber die Musik hab ich noch im Ohr.

  33. 1:31 a guy committing seppuku because he failed to stop an enemy. What a nice touch from devs/

  34. jumps effortlessly over all those rivers as if it was a walk in the park. I probably drowned most of the Japanese ninja population in that river when I was 8. For that I am forever sorry to the nation of Japan.

  35. I think I know why Van Gogh cut off his ear. It was because he played this game

  36. i played day in and dayout this game ,but Never got that far ..

  37. its the first Time that i see HOW to get that DAMN key ..In the early Times ,,there was no Internet witth that you found out how -..

  38. Oh my God! I Played this all day long when i was a 7year old kid. I remember youll need alot skill for this

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