Confronting My Puppy’s Owner in Prison -

Confronting My Puppy’s Owner in Prison

Vy Qwaint
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We are about to go confront our thief in prison! This thief has stolen $200,000 worth of retro arcade games and VR headsets and equipment. Me and my husband Chad Wild Clay have to confront this thief in order to find out more evidence as to where our stolen arcade games are being held. This thief is also the previous owner to the lost puppy I found. We will have to interrogate and investigate this criminal to see what clues he can give us towards solving this mystery. The thief/dog owner was previously living in our Spy Ninjas HQ theme park so maybe he left some leads behind that help us in solving where the arcade games have been taken to. We also know that this thief has a partner that he was working with and is still on the loose. If we can find this thief’s partner, then maybe we can also find where our stolen stuff is. Will confronting our thief in prison actually help in our search for our stolen arcade games, or will this criminal lead us into a trap?

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  1. Hey Chaudhary no but I can make it here because I live in America and you live somewhere else so I’m not gonna be able to go there my brother Tom like you have two brothers don’t like something else but I like you guys the mouse you’re my favorite fan Chattery I’d like you been together Chattery made a cute couple
    I want hello how are you guys by Academy stay safe❤

  2. tara she was my dog that passed away😥😥😥

  3. 0:28
    Drawing all of the spy ninjas, and I even write it all your guises names, I’ve been watching you guys for three years and raise your hand been watching spy ninjas for more than me

  4. You should’ve called me a puppy pompom

  5. 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😅

  6. Its so funny when at the start vy said you can read?????

  7. Ninja pup or floof for the cute little puppy

  8. I love ur guys YouTube videos and love u guys ❤😊

  9. Name the puppy Simsim it honestly is a cute name

  10. If go to that home thAt guy took you last time

  11. 16:33 there was arcade game sor smth there please read this can be right


  13. Vy qwaint i love you im in 5th grad im raelynn

  14. Please please name lily. I. Have Ben woching your
    Videos for as log as I can reamemb💓💕💖💞💝

  15. Thanks for all you guys helping us figure this problem out. We'll be inviting you all to our theme park soon! And keep the puppy name ideas coming!

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