Dakotaz *FINALLY* SNAPS Explaining Why NINJA & Epic Games are RUINING Fortnite! - brownebrand.com

Dakotaz *FINALLY* SNAPS Explaining Why NINJA & Epic Games are RUINING Fortnite!

Fortnite Moments
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Dakotaz *FINALLY* SNAPS Explaining Why NINJA & Epic Games are RUINING Fortnite!

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FaZe Jarvis:

In this video:

Dakotaz Explains How Ninja and Epic Games are RUINING Fortnite
Ninja Ruins Fortnite
Epic Games Fortnite
Season 9 Fortnite
Fortnite Funny Moments
Fortnite Moments


  1. I'm deadass happy asf that some massive is actually losing their shit at epic yeh

  2. Dk must’ve been hungry bc he seemed cranky asf 🤣🤣

  3. DKs got a point if you’ve been playing this game from even season 2, it’s obvious how the quality of the game has declined. at first fortnite was the least buggiest BR & now it’s a mess plus the content is too inconsistent it’s not fun. ik a lot of people are like “ yOuRe wRoNg “ your season 4 opinions don’t matter

  4. I agree with everything Dark says the people who are already good are getting worse like my self they removed pumps and that’s when my skill in this game went down because it is hard to hit shots

  5. Dk is in negative state too, he changed. He s a fuck

  6. That mongraal clip.. how the fuck does somebody’s brain operate that fast AND how does their body stay so coordinated like that.. insane.

  7. I agree with Dakotaz im just sick of weapons that are good getting vaulted and the rng is filled with trash like the burst smg and the gray AK EVERY CHEST. Like theres no reason Scars were taken out of chests. Theres no shotguns. Like we want to have good weapons in our RNG epic like wtf

  8. Fortnite sucks now season 1 to 3 were the best everyone was getting better.There were no sweaty football/soccer skins. It was so fun playing squads.


  10. The reason why Ninja said that people will follow what the majority will say is because the majority of the viewers are KIDS. Young impressionnable kids who thinking saying things that their fav streamers say is cool. Do you know the amount of comments/people who tell me "you still play that game? It's ded" like no it isn't ur just saying that cuz that majority says that. I don't think Ninja meant people can't make their own decisions, but that what you say definitely has an impact due to the viewership of fortnite streamers.

  11. I truly don't understand how anyone can watch Dark… That guys such an insecure little bot he can't even use face cam. He most likely sits there eating his boogers and shit all day.

  12. i feel obligated to play this game when friends hit me up now

  13. Fortnite feels like one of those games where another company brought it and made it trash

  14. Why is ninja crying in the thumbnail 😂

  15. I respect him more than ever cause he fucking understands the community and doesn’t report everyone that kills him

  16. It’s annoying asf cause this shit it’s changing all the time meta map ass shit everything sucksss

  17. Man dakotaz used the dumbest analogy of influencing the ol jump off a bridge thing lol. like of course people wont jump off a bridge if you say so, theyll die! another bit of influencing ninja does well and obviously others in their own ways. Is his redbull bandana and the redbull fridge in the back. subliminally my mind thinks “hm i should grab a redbull” then i do voila. Heres where i know dk a bit hes hella pretentious so to him the thought process of jumping off the bridge is like “im not a ‘follower’ so other people definitely arent followers OmG sO stuPid lol” just like my 54 cents on the subject. To conclude dk is ass cheeks and never knew how to influence anyways most times ive been on his stream its been toxic af lol

  18. Whine about the game all the while making money off said game the entire time he whines. I am tired of bitchy streamers. What they really hate is Epic realised they make money off casual gamers, not parasitic streamers and pros

  19. I wish we could’ve seen the masterpiece mongral made at 9:07

  20. Your a ninja fanboy 🤣😂

  21. The screen for mongrall was literally shaking lol

  22. Fortnite is lame now

    Edit even worse now

  23. Funny bc it's season x and he's still chuggin along 🤣

  24. Dk really vibe checked ninja epic and people who agreed with ninja in the same damn sentence

  25. 9 months later ninja fucks up the game and gets legacy removed bc he don't shut his redbull trap

  26. Dakotaz is right because when you accommodate in first week in 2nd week prob a new gun comes or a new location or new things and that is not cool i mean i like that they bring a new gun or a new location but not every week or 2 and i just don't play fortnite like i used to

  27. Ninja is the alinity of fortnite, but instead reports people for no reason and tells epic what to do, Alia should be an employee at epic

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