Denzel Curry Talks Billie Eilish & How to Play Ninja | Exclusive Interview -

Denzel Curry Talks Billie Eilish & How to Play Ninja | Exclusive Interview

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Denzel Curry talks all things Billie Eilish & how to play the game ninja.

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  1. I use to be nasty in high school at this game lol I can’t remember ever losing

  2. I used to work at a summer camp as a counselor and bruh we would get giant groups of 15+ to play this it used to get so intense, loved this game and miss those memories

  3. Learned this game in scouts years ago, got a few of the lads to play it the last night was a gas buzz

  4. We would play in a big circle with 15 people. Watching it work it's way around the circle to you so fast was crazy 🤣

  5. POV: you’re still confused on how to play

  6. I’ve been playing this game with my friends for a long time. It’s fun to play

  7. Very good. The hand on the back of the shoulder area was a nice move. Body repositioning can be very valuable. One thing to make sure of, is that the people are freezing at the end of their attack properly. Like if they do the attack, and then instead of freezing at the end of that single fluid motion, they then retract their hands back to them, to be more protected. That's 2 movements in one go. Only one fluid motion in the same direction is allowed. Which means you can do a big swipe to get your hands kinda safe, but it's gotta be along the same "flight path", and it should look convincing/reasonable. Part of the game is that if you attack, you make yourself vulnerable to a counter attack, because you have put your hands out there closer to other people.

    A great example of this game is in a youtube video titled:


    I'd personally not allow fakes, or intentionally using a tortoise strategy to hide your hands completely, or where it's impossible for the opponent to get them, but yea.

    Or attacking at the same time you are attacking. There should be a noticeable pause between everything.

  8. Me and a group of like 10 people used to play this back in elementary school, I didn’t know it was a universal game 😂

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