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Doors In Real Life

Shiloh & Bros
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Roblox Doors IRL with The Figure, Seek, Rush, and more 🤫 Will they escape the hotel? What other Roblox games would you like to see us make?! Comment if you want a part 2!

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  1. Why does figure have bear ears 😂

  2. When they get in the library,

    Judah 0.1 seconds of getting in the library: HeLlO!!!!!!

    Figure: yo wassup bro

  3. Great job with everything but you should’ve make it so you’d use the crusifix.

  4. We Are All Very Happy You Guys Make These Videos Hope You Make More Of These Vids! ❤

  5. U should make a part 2 where you brig nerf guns and try to get revenge

  6. would love to see this video without the editting of rush, Eye's and seek

  7. I just wanna say that is the best editing ever in my life looks so real

  8. You can see how much hard work they put into this. They deserve all of their likes and subs.

  9. On private Servers you can play with up to 12 player!

  10. Bruh the one with the orange shirt just got slap 😂😂😂🤣

  11. Omg I loved doors did not except anything less amazing you guys probably worked so hard to make this video and I love it Shiloh your lipstick looks so good on you❤

  12. Pls do multiple like when you guys (and girls) did among us

  13. Honestly I have no idea how they can make every horror game kid friendly at this point it's a magic power

  14. That was very good editing. Looked like if doors was real!

  15. Door 50: elijah: HEY whered you get that face the butt factory😂

    edit i am just reapeting that elijah said

  16. I want you to do a video of adopt me

  17. The end turns dramatic and then 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  18. ah yes doors the only good new horror game
    it isnt that scary but its fun to play

  19. I know this is totally a change of topic, but I have the exact dress that Shiloh has☺️

  20. I love the videos. Also can you do a video called "If Doors Was in Among Us

  21. Thanks @shilohandbros for making great content! My daughter watches every video and is always talking about how you’re her favorite YouTuber. She has a birthday coming up and she said it’d be a dream come true if she could do a video call with you. ❤

  22. Can I be honest, I am impressed with this video. This was an amazing video! I’ve actually got a request if you don’t mind, can you make one about Elijah going to Joey Drew Studios since he looks like a Henry in this video

  23. "Perfect, Just how i wanted to die."


  24. Anyone else got a feeling they are gonna make a video on rooms?

  25. I literally thought that by opening the doors they would be letting out the monsters

  26. I don't wanna be mean here but this video kinda ruined doors for me and that's saying something because I love doors and I mean I LOVE doors. Sorry.

  27. I love the black and that was in the hiding spot it’s called hide I know what the green thing is called to rush

  28. Been watching you guys for a while now But this is the best video yet!

  29. This is so amazing! You guys are so good at acting, and the CGI is like *chefs kiss* Hope to see more epic videos from you!

  30. Why does screech looks like an ugly cartoon character?

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