Eating Only GAS STATION FOOD for 24 Hours! Matt and Rebecca -

Eating Only GAS STATION FOOD for 24 Hours! Matt and Rebecca

Matt and Rebecca
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How do you survive on Gas Station Food alone? It all started when Rebecca Zamolo created “Last to Leave Vending Machine Wins $10,000.” Next Matt and Rebecca posted “I Survived 24 Jobs in 24 Hours.” Game Master Network made “$10 Vs $1,000 Valentine’s Day Date.” Now in order to find out why we are at gas stations we need to eat only gas station food for 24 hours. Rebecca Zamolo has a hard time not going to the bathroom. Daniel is acting sus and what happened to our best friends? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2022.

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  1. Hey mat green reminds me of your best friend Rik nouh

  2. HI Rebecca I am a big fan and my name is Elorah

  3. Matt is so funny he makes my day well all of you

  4. Hey! Why are you copiying the royalty family

  5. Rebbecca what is your baby zamfam name

  6. I now what Daniel draw it was hacker wires

  7. How about the baby name reveal Rebecca you said I’m going to review it ?

  8. Hi, I hope that your baby is strong and healthy and she will love you and Matt

  9. Rebecca why do you always play on Fair sometimes

  10. Hi I am from pakistan I am your fan and I need your iPhone for sis birthday she need iPhone so badly and my name is noor fatima hassan ranjha and I will pary for your baby girl

  11. I love your vids I am always here for you guys!

  12. Btw when she pretended to throw up I laughed when she told us and I am still thinking about it and the fact they didn't relises is so hilarious

  13. maddie was looking in the nursery a peek

  14. You didn't tell us the baby girl's name and we I think her name should be Mia

  15. Can I have 15 bucks and all your merch please

  16. Entity made them go to sleep with sleep in smoke

  17. rebecca you should get the big one # im your biggist fan

  18. Im subscribde to matt and Rebecca chanlle

  19. Without peaking, who do you think will survive this?

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