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What is this channel about? Where am I?
Hello, so this channel is all about scratch, there are tutorials on making games, also many external scratch tools’ videos, and also tips and tricks, etc. . So if you wanna know what scratch is, how to make a game in scratch, how to become better at scratch or if you just wanna know how to do stuff in scratch, this is the right channel. I’ve various playlists, which have videos of different criteria. Also, for support, I’ve got a discord server (link down here), a scratch studio, and also comment section! There you can ask your doubts, tell me how the video is, or just tell something interesting about scratch! Thank you for reading this!

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  1. Hi U Have Inspired me to make a game called Ice cube clicker

  2. Namaste, do you know when the submission form for week 4 will release!

  3. Hey, I don't know when each form will come up, I wanna submit but I don't know when (I know theres a new episode I just don't know when you will accept the projects)

  4. the tumbnail look like you holding a sword and you look angry its so funny

  5. Omg hi mcvincent can u do a series to make a tycoon pls and l love your vids

  6. If you are a fnf fan, then u will recognise garcello 😉

  7. It was not your fault as you were not able to play the friday night scratch game as in the og game arrows get highlighted and you have to press them but this project was broken

  8. The second on is a remix from will wam "ninja" series

  9. oof! the ninja game was just will_wam, they might of credited but all they changed was some colors!

  10. Bro I want to submit my project

    Please tell me when the week 3 submission will open

  11. The ninja game is "The Ninja Master" by will_wam . They didn't do anything but change some sprites

  12. Hey, McVincent. What do you use to edit your thumbnails?

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